Thanks For Nothing (Justin Bieber FanFic)

Thanks For Nothing is Bieber FanFic. It's kinda a filler for all the lost time with my other stories. No sequels tho, it's just a filler(:
~Stay Swaggy~


2. Get Ready /.\

Run!! Hurry. Every time I go through this, I go this way. Well I'm going a new way. OMG they're gaining on me. Shit. What the fuck. I'm up here again? Shit. Wait, that kinda looked like..AHHHHH!!


"Shit" I swore as I hit the floor. Again. I've had that same dream since last year. I always end up on this tower and I fall. But right before I fall, I can almost make out his face. But every time I have that dream, I get closer and closer. Oh well. I grabbed my glasses and looked at the clock. 5:30am. I sighed. Might as well get ready. I went into my closet. I mean even though I have all these fancy clothes, no one knows about my home and my REAL life. So i gotta stay with the image. I grabbed some black sweats and a Black tanktop and a denim light blue jacket. I grabbed a black sports bra and some underwear. I went into my bathroom and ran the water. I sighed and looked in the mirror while leaning on my sink.

"Why don't they like me. I mean honestly. I got the right size ass and boobs. Not to brag" I talked to myself. "I dont have acne. is it the glasses?" I took them off. I looked back into the mirror and saw a blur. Is this what they see? I'm so fucking confused. I sighed and stripped down and showered. When I was done I grabbed my towel shirt. It's like a dress but its a towel. then i grabbed another towel for my hair. 

I dried it a bit with the towel. Then I grabbed my glasses and put them on. I grabbed a blow dryer and brush and began brushing. I mean my hair is already really straight, no need going through all that work for another day in hell. I finished brushing. I brushed my teeth quickly while getting out my face product. No, its not foundation and that concealer shit. I never use those things. EVER. I didnt need to. The face 'product' is just a face scrub. It's to wake me up a bit and to kinda give my face a glow. When i finished all my bathroom duties. I left the bathroom and plugged my phone into this speaker/charger and put the song: "All Me" By Drake on. I danced around while getting dressed. I tied my denim jacket around my waist. I looked somewhat cute today. I had my black glasses on with a black beanie on that said Crazy Mofo. I grabbed some colorful socks and my black vans. I then did a mini Choreography I thought of to the song. 

"Yo!! Sel! Let's go" I heard Molly call. I looked in the mirror real quick and grabbed my phone and longboard. I longboarded down the railing and stuck the landing.

"Nice Chica. You're gonna hurt yourself one day." Molly said clapping her hands and looking at me. I giggled and nodded.

"Okay Mommy" I said. I grabbed an apple and sat on the counter top. My parents arent home today. They had a business trip for 2 months. I looked at Molly. Why is she all dressed up?

"Hey, I know you're all girly girlish. But why are you wearing a mini pink dress and white heels?" I asked taking a bite out of my apple. She giggled a little. Then she looked at me serious.

"Wait, you don't rememeber?" She asked. I shook my head.

"It can't be your birthday, because it passed already. Is it a school thing.?" I asked throwing my apple away and sitting back on the counter. She sat on the stool.


What do you guys think so far? what do you think shes gonna say? Comment away.



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