Thanks For Nothing (Justin Bieber FanFic)

Thanks For Nothing is Bieber FanFic. It's kinda a filler for all the lost time with my other stories. No sequels tho, it's just a filler(:
~Stay Swaggy~


4. Excuse me? :O

Hey Guys, its the first of the month. Here's my update(: Enjoy


I got out of the car, grabbing my backpack and longboard. I fixed my beanie and glasses and sighed. Molly locked the doors and ran up to me.

"Come on. Oh, and make no plans for afterschool. You're riding with me again, K?" she said smiling. and before i could even answer, she did for me.

"Great, now I gotta go. Love you babe." She said kissing my cheek. I smiled. She ran off to her little cheerleading teammates and I got on my longboard. I sighed and skated down the hall. Dodging people on the way. I hopped off when I got to my locker. So here's the cool thing about my locker. I've had it since freshman year, and every year I make it bigger. I unlocked my locker, and pushed open the back of the locker, making sure no one saw. I slipped my longboard in there, along with my IMPORTANT things. I closed that compartment and locked it. I began grabbing all my stuff for the day. I sighed and closed my locker. The first bell rang. Lets get this over with. First I have Intro to Business and Marketing. You know the saying "It isnt as bad as it sounds"? well its true it isnt as bad as it sounds..... It's worse. Mostly, because I'm the ONLY junior in that class. Yeah, the rest are Freshman, Sophomores, and Seniors. But I didnt choose that class, I came late to school, so my classes were chosen for me.

I got to the classroom door and sat down in my assigned seat, luckily its in the back/\. The 2nd bell rang, meaning class is starting. Everyone ran into class. Including the boring ass teacher. 

"Okay class, Let's start with the final Big and important project of the year." I sighed, this is going to be a long day, I grabbed my Ipod and played Monster by Eminem and Rihanna and plugged in my earphones. I began doodling all over my notebook.

"Hello! SELENA" My teacher said dropping a binder on my desk. I jumped a bit and pulled out my earphones. 

"Yeah?" I asked. 

"Everyone got assigned partners, sorry but you have to work alone." He said pointing to the binder. I nodded and he walked away. I sighed.

Class went fast. I went to my 2nd hour class, which was Foods. I hate cooking -.- I seriously cant cook for shit. the bell rang. Gosh Im late. I ran into class, all eyes were on me.

"Late again Gomez." The bitch teacher announced not even looking up. "Go take your seat." I mentally flicked her off. I began walking down the isle when someone tripped me and my books went flying to the back of the room, while I went crashing face first onto the floor. Breaking my glasses. I looked at the person who caused this. It was the bitchest cheerleader, Taylor.

"Oh, are you okay... wait, dont answer that. I dont care, NOBODY cares. You're such a damn klutz. Oh, u got a little something there." She said pointing to my nose and laughing along with the rest of the class, while the teacher was doing a demo, not giving a fuck. I touched my nose and sure enough my nose was bleeding. I was in so much pain. I ran to the back of the room and grabbed my books, and ran into the hall. I ran to the bathroom and cried. She's right, no one cares. I cleaned myself up and took my glasses and looked at them. They were cracked a lot, I cant wear them. But I wont be able to see. I stuffed them into my little purse and walked out. Only to crash into a tall figure. I fell on my ass, I sighed and just laid down all the way. The person gasped, I didnt even bother looking at them considering they'd be blurry.

"Oh my god. Im so sorry, I wasnt paying attention. Here-" He said extending his hand out for me. I stopped him by saying.

"Stop. Just leave me here." He laughed a little and sat across from me.

"Are you okay, you look like you've been crying." I shook my head.

"Its fine"

"Are you sure, shawty? I mean you dont look fine"

"No, Im good." I said sighing. He laughed a little.

"I'm Justin, I'm new here" He said grabbing my hand, I shook it and looked at him. He looked familiar, But he was blurry.

"Whats your name, beautiful?" He asked. I could feel the smirk. I stayed on the ground looking straight at the ceiling.

"It's Selena. and why are you here, with  1 month left of school?" I asked laughing a little.

"You dont know who I you?" He asked. I shook my head and closed my eyes.

"No, who are you, Mystery dude?" I asked giggling.

"My full name is.... Justin Bieber" He said. My eyes shot open. I sat up.

"Excuse me?" I said squinting at him. He smiled.

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