Thanks For Nothing (Justin Bieber FanFic)

Thanks For Nothing is Bieber FanFic. It's kinda a filler for all the lost time with my other stories. No sequels tho, it's just a filler(:
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5. Are you Sure?

Hey guys, so I'm starting a contest... wanna see how to win and what for?? read the end notes(: Anywhooo. Enjoy(:


"Excuse Me?" I said. He smiled.

"So you know who I am?" He asked scooting a bit closer to me. I nodded.

"Umm, yeah I do." I said confidently.

"Okay, well just treat me like any other person" He said smiling. I scoffed.

"Listen... Popstar, I'll try my best." He looked at me confused. I sat up and looked straight ahead of me putting my elbows on my knees while he just sat next me looking at me weird.

"What do you mean?" He asked trying to get my attention.

"I know what kind of person you are." I said looking at him for a couple seconds, then looking straight ahead again.

"And that would be?" He asked confidently, smiling. I laughed a little.

"Inconsiderate, Cocky, Jerky. You think you're just some big hot shot. You think you're all that and that no one compares to you. You're just like any other selfish popstar that ever stepped foot into this state. Matter fact, in this world we live in. That's who you are." His smile slowly faded with each word that left my mouth, until he had a little frown on his face and scrunched up eyebrows.

"So, I feel that you aren't much of a fan. are you?" He asked looking at the ground. I smiled a little.

"How so? I mean. I don't exactly like YOU. Now your music.... Ain't so bad." I said standing up brushing myself off. He also stood up next to me. 

"Oh, well. Do you mind showing me around. You seem like a great tour guide." He said changing the subject. I placed all my books in my little backpack I was wearing. I shrugged.

"Are you sure?" I asked unsure.

"Why not?" He asked back.

"Well, I'm not uhhh.... What do you call it... Popular or likeable. I'm not exactly 'in' I'm more of a 'out' person." I said trying to explain to him. He smiled a little.

"I don't like those types of people anyways." He said shrugging and putting his hands in his pockets looking above my head and beyond, considering I was short and he was a lot taller.

"Why not?" I asked.

"because they're inconsiderate. Jerky. Selfish. and Cocky." He said, using my words against me. He looked back down at me.

"Then what kind do you like exactly." I said trying to figure him out.

"Well. It isn't exactly a kind. It's more of who." He said looking into my eyes once again.

"Umm. Then who?" I asked completely confused. He smirked a little. Then he grabbed my chin and came closer to me.

"You." He simply whispered. We were just about to kiss when the bell rang. We quickly separated and i coughed a bit. People were everywhere trying to get to 3rd Hour. I looked around a bit. Then I saw the bitches who tripped me, I quickly ran away from Justin

"Waitt. Sel!" I heard my name being called from behind. Then I felt a hand grab my arm. I sighed and dragged Justin into a closet.

"Okay. Rule number one, don't call me Sel... ever. Number two, if you don't want people to look at you weird or start to hate you, then don't call out my name or be seen with me." I said cornering him into the wall and had my hands on his shoulders and looking straight into his eyes.

"Did you forget that you're my tour guide?" He asked grabbing my waist. I pulled his hands away but he just held my hands.

"Ummm, I'm helping you today. But tomorrow you're on your own. Okay.?" I said trying to let go of his hand. 

"You can't get rid of me that easily. But here's my schedule." He grabbed his schedule and the bell rang. Good, I grabbed the schedule from him and to my luck, he's in EVERY single class of mine. I sighed.

"What's wrong beautiful?" He asked me. I shook my head.

"Don't call me that. And it just so happens that you're in all of my classes." He smiled at that and clapped his hands.

"Good, let's go Best Friend." He said hooking arms with me and skipping out of the closet. I quickly pulled away and shut the closet door.

"Let's go" I sighed. He followed behind me and we got to the door. I sighed. I turned to him.

"Just wait a couple seconds and then enter. So it doesn't look like we came together. Kay?" I asked, He nodded. I opened the door and he followed right behind. I tried to quickly walk to the back of the class. 

"Really, Ms.Gomez. What now?" Mr. Fucker asked.


"She was showing me around Mr.--" I was rudely interrupted by Justin. I kept looking at him. He did the same.

"It's Mr. Larson. Okay, class this is Justin Bieber. Please treat him like any other person. Thanks. And you can take a seat next to... Your new late buddy." Mr.Larson said really dull like. I sighed and went to the back of the class. Every person I walked by were staring at Justin. All the girls were fixing their hair and pushing up their boobs, for more cleavage to show. Bitches.. While the guys slapped hands with Justin. I sat down and Justin sat right down next to me.

"Uhhh. Thanks for that" I whispered while Larson sat down at his desk yelling out the homework assignment.

"No problem Gorgeous." He replied back smiling. I looked at him.

"Don't call me that. But I owe You" I said looking at my book.

"Yes you do" He said laughing.

"You sure that's your answer." I said turning my whole body towards him

"Yes. You owe me babe" He said turning to me too. I turned back and said:

"Don't call me that" I muttered. He smiled and began his work as well.


Hey so for the Contest. Who ever comes up with the BEST fanbase name for me...But the rules are:

1. You have to be a Fan and favorite at least 2 of my stories and like at least .(THE MORE THE BETTER CHANCE OF WINNING!!!)

2. You have to comment or mention me in a mumble with up to 3 fanbase names per comment. But the catch is, only 2 comments. So it totals up to about 6 names.

3. You have until my Birthday. Which is March 22!!! (P.S. I'll be 15 :P )

I will announce the top 3 winners on Sunday, which is March 23rd!! Or if I forget, By that week. There's 3 places. But I'll give something to the top 5 or 10 people with the best ideas.

1st Place: 3 long imagines of any kind, See a video of me dancing, I'll like up to 3 of your stories, I'll help you get more fans by my mentions, I'll give you my name/nickname, I'll let you co-author with a story we create together, I'll give you the Early Access Code (Which is your ability to read my stories before I posted it) your choice of 2 stories, another little surprise, and you'll also be apart of my little fanbase with a signature name(:

2nd Place: 2 long imagine of any kind, See a video of me dancing, I'll like 1 of your stories, I'll mention you once, I'll give you my name/nickname, I'll give you the Early Access Code to 1 of my stories of your choice, another surprise, and you'll be apart of my fanbase with a signature name(:

3rd Place: 1 long imagine of any kind, See a video of me dancing, I'll give you my name/nickname, I'll give you the Early Access Code of this story only, another surprise, and you'll be apart of my little fanbase with a signature name(:

4th Place: 3 short imagines of any kind, See a video of me dancing, and be apart of my fanbase with a signature name(:

5th Place: 2 short imagine of any kind, See a video of me dancing, and be apart of my little fanbase with a signature name(:

6th-10th Place: To Be Determined. Most likely a short imagine of any kind and to be apart of my little fanbase with a signature name(:


So get started(:

~Stay Swaggy~

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