Living A Nightmare

Katlyn Rodgers. You normal every day teenaged girl. She loved her family, friends. It all had to change when her bestfrind took her on a car chase.


11. triquil knot

Loki took no time in looking for Katlyn.

Katlyn took time in riding to the mountain. She felt her arm itch. Wihite lights flashed around her, they all felt famillar. 

Then by the trees was a white figure, it was a linx. But yet it wasn't totally solid. Its dark chocolate eyes bore into Katlyn's. And for a moment she could have sworn she saw it bow its head. Katlyn slowly started to go towards the linx. But the creature looked behind her and started back off into the woods.
Kat was curious. But her arm started itching furiously she pulled up her sleeve to reveal a simple blue triquil knot, three swirls that looked like they were moving.

Katlyn pulled down her sleeve and turned around to see loki, watching.

"What was that?" Loki hissed as he found Katlyn standing in the snow. 

"I-I just went out for a ride, that's all" Kat found herself lying.

"No, not that. What's on your arm?" Loki soften his expression a bit when he saw Katlyn look terified.

"Nothing, its nothing" Katlyn knew she couldn't keep lying to him. Her father wanted the truth.

Katlyn turned around heading towards her horse. But Loki gently grabbed her itching wrist. Katlyn sighed and turned around. They looked at eachother for a good minute before Loki pulled up her sleeve. Katlyn watched in shock as he studied it.

There appeared the three connected swirls. Loki studied it but telling by the widening of his eyes he knew what it was.

Katlyn waited patiently as she saw Loki almost gasping for air. "Y-you?" He finally managed to stutter. "How?"

"I don't know" Katlyn shrugged. Loki took a deep breath. "I should have known" he smirked.

"What do you mean?" Kat asked. "Your color of magic. I have only seen one other with that same color" loki explained with a softer expression.

Katlyn was extremly confused "Who was that?" 

Loki waited a moment before he began "Your mother, she had the exact same color: sky blue. I believe she had the same mark too" 

Katlyn tried to sink in the information. She tried to sink in all that was happening. Nearly a month ago she was just a normal girl with a snake tattoo on her arm. Now she is this magical being. It was all to much like a movie or a fast paste story. She felt like she was in the cross fire. And it made her sick.

"Its getting late, I don't think we would have enough time to get back. So why don't we camp out in a cave I saw a while back?" Loki suggested. Kat nodded and started followling Loki to the cave.


"Sif, Thor, I need you to go after Katlyn and Loki" Frigga whispered. She had over heard the conversation with Odin, and was furious. "Just say that the Uru's there were wanting to start a war. And your the embassadors from Asgard. Understand?" Frigga explained.

"Yes my queen" Sif nodded, Thor looked worried to say the least "we will get them back mother. I promise" 

"Preferably Loki returned in one piece please" Frigga called out as the set off to the mountain.

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