Living A Nightmare

Katlyn Rodgers. You normal every day teenaged girl. She loved her family, friends. It all had to change when her bestfrind took her on a car chase.


12. the boy who could fly

scratch, scratch, scratch POP. Kat heard Loki start the fire in a cave. it was quite cold out and Loki had decided to stay until a rising storm had passed. He seemed over protective of Katlyn, hardly letting her out of his sight.

"Imma go get some sticks okay? I wont be far..." Kat explained with an almost annoyed look expecting a 'no, its cold out you need to stay here I can get the sticks' but he surprised her.

"don't go to far away" he said carefully. Katlyn nodded and set out to find the sticks.

As she trotted through the snow Kat kept hearing the faint sound of flapping and angry growls, but now from an animal.

"I hate flying in the woods. I hate it! I hate! I hate it!" A voice yelled angrily. Katlyn looked to see two wings that looked almost 13ft long. and a boy attached to the large wings. it looked as if he ran into the tree, he started to fall from the sky. Kat panicked throwing her arms out her magic caught him from hitting the snow and getting all wet. "I think I fractured a wing" he groaned him pain. And Kat got a better look at the winged boy. he had strawberry blonde hair and fair skin. The boy looked up to see Kat's worried face. "a-are you alright?" she asked with wide innocent eyes.

"I guess, uh, thanks for catching me" he stood up peering over his shoulder at his hurt wing. "I'm Throd by the way, and you are..?" he said starting a conversation. "I'm Kat, what are you doing in the woods?"

"I should ask you the same thing" Throd folded his arms over his chest, raising an eyebrow trying to look serious. "Oh god your bleeding! Come on I'll get you to help" Katlyn dragged Throd back to her cave she shard with Loki.

"daddy! this boy needs help!" Loki turned around with wide eyes, his mouth gaped wide. "he has wings"


hi guys! whats up? (the sky) shut up Charlie! anyway as I was saying, I know its been a while. but hey tis up is it not? well leave a comment and let me know! until next time RanbowS!

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