Living A Nightmare

Katlyn Rodgers. You normal every day teenaged girl. She loved her family, friends. It all had to change when her bestfrind took her on a car chase.


10. plans and pain

Third person POV

Frigga convinced Odin to let Katlyn stay for a while. She had not been informed Loki ever had a child. No one ever told her. She was purely enraged, but kept her temper. 

And that's how Katlyn ended up in the great dinning hall for supper. She smiled, laughed, told jokes, even met a few people. But like Loki she was good at hidding her real emotions.

Katlyn missed her best friend Yuri, she missed going to school and getting picked on. Yup, she missed it. She also missed earthly food. Katlyn had no idea what any of the food in Asgard was. All she reconized were apples and corn. 

She questioned wether she should eat them or not.

"Its okay dear. None of this food will hurt you" frigga said as if reading Katlyns thoughts. Kat nodded and hesitantly took a bite out of an apple. It was the most sweetest, most juicy apple she had ever eaten.

"Wow" Katlyn muttered. She yawned, as loki noticed this he excused himself and Kat from the table. He took her to her room.

"There are dresses in the closet. Sleep well" loki said walking out. Katlyn nodded and changed into a plain lacy white dress.

She had quickly fallen asleep that night. Things were falling into place for Odins plan. He quietly walked in knowing she was asleep. Quickly he made his way over to Katlyn and placed his hand on her forehead. Her whole body started to glow a golden color. After the glow subsided he left the room without a trace.

The next morning Katlyn woke up on a mission. She got dressed in a green and blue dress with spaghetti straps. She didn't know where she was going. But her feet did. She walked to the palace stables, got on a horse and rode off.


"Have you seen katlyn?" Loki asked Frigga in a paniced tone.

"No I have not, is she missing?" Frigga asked.

"I didn't see her in her room, she wasn't in the dinning hall, nor in the library" loki's eyes showed pure fear, as if a mother bear lost her cubs.

"Have you tried asking Odin? He was quite in a good mood this morning" frigga suggested showing loki a kind smile.

"No, but I will" loki turned around and started running towards the grand hall where Odin sat on his throne. Loki stormed in panting.

"Where is she?" Loki demanded more than asked.

"She rode off into kroff mountian. Something about destiny, uru, and elves" Odin held no expression. He tried hidding his smirk best he could.

Loki looked morrified. The one thing he had was going to kroff mountain. Alone. Anyone who knew anything about Asgard is that Kroff mountian was a suicide trap.  

"Why?" He begged.

"No one knows for sure. You could go after her" Odin couldn't help but have a sly smirk about him.

Loki felt as if one million elephants stompped on his stomach. He had to save his only piece of family he had left. Emediantly he went after Katlyn.

(A/N) another short chapter. Damn it! Anyway cyber cookies to anyone who can guess what Odins plan is! Also just because I'm bored where is everyone from? Mwah! See yah later mah rainbows!

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