Living A Nightmare

Katlyn Rodgers. You normal every day teenaged girl. She loved her family, friends. It all had to change when her bestfrind took her on a car chase.


2. meeting Him

It was a really dark room, not much light all I could see were bars and a tall figure. Of course the tears threatening to fall didn't help much.

"A pity human girl, this is who they send me, pathetic" the man growled. 

"Wow I r-really don't l-like you" I stuttered my words thanks to the pain in my arm.

Mysterious man POV

How stupid of them, they send a young girl, a sacrificial lamb. This realm is completely pathetic. 

"Well I don't like you either" I sneered.

"How a... how about we g-get to know eachother?" She suggested. Before she fell to her knees. Not that I care. 

"Alright, you start" I waved my hand saying go

"Okay, I am...Katlyn Roders your name?" She informed me... her name familiar. I wonder where?

"I am Loki of Asgard and I am burdened with glorious purpose" she should know that by now. 

"How old are you L-Loki?" She asked "I am old enough mortal, how old are you?" I threw back her question.

"Fifteen today" she answered. There was a silence as my eyes grew. 

"W-what? No happy B-birthday?" She stuttered again. 

"Come closer child" I demanded. 

"I'm n-not allowed to get n-near strangers" she explained. Quite a difficult child she is.

"Ah, you think I'm strange?" I asked walking as close to the wall between us as I can.

"Every p-person is st-strange" she answered and from what I could see she was holding her left arm. Still on her knees.

"Why do you stutter child?" I questioned

"Well you see..." she started when the lights came on and a voice came through mortal speakers.

"We apologize for the technical difficulties" said the electronic voice.

Now I could get a clear view of the girl in front of me. She had long beautiful black hair, her face was blotchy and her eyes were closed possibly from silently crying. She was still on her knees cradling her left arm.

"You look in no condition to be here, child" she sighed and looked up opening her eyes. They were a brilliant green. That is when I knew for sure who she was.

"Neither do you, Loki" she looked me up and down, studying my armor. "I have a know. Its... Katlyn" she kept taking deep breaths. That's when I figured I should probably do something about that. But not right know...

"No child, your name is not Katlyn" I barked, she looked up surprised "your name is Hela" I added, then she looked up confused at my words. Of course she would be, she has no clue as to what I am talking about.

"Now Hela, come closer or I will break these bars and come to you" I threatened. 
"No. I-I'm not moving" she stuttered yet again.

I took a deep breath and stepped back. I blasted the bars. A hole formed big enough to walk through. To my surprise she didn't start screaming until I was only about two feet away from her.

 it wasn't screams of fear, but screams of pain. I got down on my knees and held her close. She squirmed so I held her closer and tightly. I mumbled a spell for her pain to go away. 

"How did you?" She asked  

"Hush child, all you need to do is rest" I whispered. I used a spell so she started to calm down and possibly fall asleep. 

"You could stop calling me child you know, like I said earlier I have a name" Katlyn said.

"Yes Hel- I mean Katlyn" I brushed my fingers through her beautiful black hair.

I started humming a lullaby I used to sing to her as a baby. She fell asleep when the doors busted open

"Step away from the girl, Loki!" Said a strong yet calm voice. The black widow.

"I will not step away from the girl. She has a name you know, and its Hela! I don't care if she goes by Katlyn. She will always be mine, and I will not loose her again" I protested. The black widow lowered her guns and came closer.

"Step away from the girl, Loki" she demanded once again but this time she said it slightly more soft. I bowed my head defeated as I gently laid Katlyn's head on the floor. I got up, and put my hands over my head. I kept glancing over at Katlyn who had slept through all of this.

"Don't worry she will be in good hands" the widow assured me. I nodded and walked out.

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