Living A Nightmare

Katlyn Rodgers. You normal every day teenaged girl. She loved her family, friends. It all had to change when her bestfrind took her on a car chase.


4. losing what is MINE.

Loki POV

After two hours of her screaming she finally settled down. I felt bad putting her in a position like that but I felt the magic had to be released. 

"I feel so numb..." Katlyn whispered "don't worry child that is common after releasing magic" I explained. 

"How many times must I tell you?" Katlyn giggled "tell me what?" I asked.

"I have a name..." she sighed.

"I know. But it is more fun calling you child" I smirked. 

"Hey, Loki? How long was I passed out?" She looked up at me with tired eyes. 

"I would say about eight hours" I told her with a kind smile. She didn't say anything, she just leaned on my shoulder. 

"I heard of a Loki guy who tried to take over the world. They said he was a horrid person. But you know what?" Katlyn said


"You really aren't a bad guy" she tried to keep awake. 

"I love you too" I said, before she fell asleep.

Fury walked up to the glass Thor following close behind. 
"Brother! It is time to come home!" Thor boomed 

"But Katlyn rodgers will have to stay behind" Fury said with no expression.

"I'm sorry! You must be mistaken, she is with me now" I hissed. I had just got her back. I'm not loosing her again. 

"Brother! You have to listen to man of shield!" Thor yelled.

"You don't remember her! But she was the baby you took from me fifteen years ago!" I yelled back. Thor's expression turned soft and almost pained. 
"I-I had no idea" he said. 

"Of course you didn't you never did you never will, not until you have children you will not understand" I whispered trying not to wake Katlyn.

"Child of yours or not. She stays with us" Fury cut in. He and Thor walked closer to the cage. I looked down at Kat who was sleeping peacefully. I started tapping her shoulder. "Katlyn love, its time to wake up" I said gently. She started to stir.

"Yeah Loki?" She asked sleep in her voice.
"We are leaving" I told her gently brushing her raven black hair out of her face. 

"Okay" she said rubbing her eyes starting to stand up.

"I told you Loki she stays with S.H.I.E.L.D!" Fury said "there is no 'we' for you" he added. There will always be a 'we' with me and my daughter. 

I'm sick of losing her. 

But this will be the last time I lose her.

We teleported to Katlyn's house, in her room. I laid Kat in her bed. She looked at me with questioning eyes.

"Loki? What's going on?"

"Hush my Katlyn, I will be back for you" I cooed 

"Please don't leave" she begged. I looked at her one last time, she had tears in her eyes. I have a feeling she knew what was going on.

"Please?" She asked. I shook my head. I took her face in my hands. Tears in my own eyes.

"I love you so much." I said before I left. 

*Katlyn POV*

I laid there crying. Why?! Why did he leave me? I felt so safe around him. So, so, so safe. And happy. He left for a reason. Because he said he would never leave me. Never. 

I want to know why.

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