Living A Nightmare

Katlyn Rodgers. You normal every day teenaged girl. She loved her family, friends. It all had to change when her bestfrind took her on a car chase.


9. haunting pasts make good futures!

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Katlyn POV

I snuggled with dad for a long time. I know snuggling usually consists of getting warmer, but I just felt colder. It was nice though. I missed out on a lot of these.

"What was my mother like?" I asked, assuming she's not around anymore or I would probably have met her.

"She was an amazing woman, her hair was as black as night, her skin was a wonderful tan. Always caring about others before hersef" dad had a dreamy look in his eyes as he talked about her. It would have been nice to meet my mother. At least once.

Loki POV

As soon as Katlyn asked about Angerboda, my heart broke remembering the night she gave birth. The night she died.

I was holding our new born daughter in my arms. She was wrapped in a white blanket crying. I turned around to see Angrobada laying still. "Angrobada?" 
She stayed still her eyes closed, and her face was pale. "Angrobada?" I asked again. Worried I reached out to touch her hand to feel it was cold. Our baby kept crying. "Angrobada!" I gasped. Her eyes slowly opened, she looked exausted.  "" she whispered. 

"She's here! Gro! she's right here" I said with tears in my eyes. Angrobada slightly nodded. I sat beside her not letting go of her hand. "You can hear her, right?" I forced a smile "our baby's crying!"

"I see" she whispered. It was nice to hear her calm voice. "Look..." I showed her our daughter. "I'm the first to hold her!" I exclaimed. Angrobada just looked more pale by the second. "Yes.... she's cute...." 

"Our baby, Hela!" Tears fell from my eyes. Hela kept crying. "Angrobada.... she's a girl! A healthy baby girl!" I cried.

"Yes... I'm glad she was born at home.... I thought that it might have been dangerous for Hela" angrobada explained calmly.

"You really pulled through" I mumbled
"But... I'm a little bit tired.... please let me rest.... just for a moment"

"Angrobada? Damn it! The healers still aren't here and I can't call my mother.... Angrobada, please wait! Let's talk a bit more" I begged "you can't just listen, okay?"

"Look, its our baby, she looks a bit like that dragon we saw the other day. She's so small, I'll try talking to her okay?" By now I was choking on tears. 

Our baby was still crying "Hela, I'm daddy Hela. Over here is mommy! Look!" Hela just looked away. I held back the rest of my tears and tried to laugh "she ignored me, she probably doesn't know does she? I'm sure she'll grow really fast" Angrobada smiled and closed her eyes.

"She would take classes with Urd, we would take her there.... maybe she would have magic, fire skills or something..... it'll be our family" I smiled and didn't force it.

"Eventhough I'm absaoultely stupid when it comes to this..." I noticed her closed eyes and her chest not rising and falling.

"Angrobada?" I lifted her hand then dropped it, her hand fell lifeless to the bed. I gasped. "Angrobada, here its Hela's cheek!" I lifted her hand once again and placed it on our baby girl's warm cheek. Her arm felt so heavy... "hey, come on" she didn't move. I had to accept the fact she's dead.

'You said you'd be with me for ever didn't you? That we'd be together forever! You promised me many, many times didn't you? That was my dream. There was nothing good about living! Someone like me who went through a crappy life. Had finally found a dream! Even then can you still bring yourself to like this place? We should never have met. We should have just kept walking. Not court Angrobada not propose. And hela would never have been born. As long as this sadness hadn't come to be. 

We should never have met.'

I snapped back into reality when Katlyn tapped my shoulder. "You okay dad?" 

"Oh, I'm fine" I assured. Katlyn looked concerned "Your sure? After I asked, you started crying"

I reached up and wipped my cheeks that were moist with salty tears. I pulled Katlyn into a hug. "I'm so sorry, so, so, so, sorry" Kat sat there for a moment before she hugged back

"Its okay" she whispered. I shook my head "no, really its not. None of this was supposed to happen. Your mother wasn't supposed to die, you weren't supposed to be taken away. We were supposed to be a family."

Katlyn smiled, a hint of relief in her eyes. She hugged a little tighter
"This is what I call a family" 

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