Living A Nightmare

Katlyn Rodgers. You normal every day teenaged girl. She loved her family, friends. It all had to change when her bestfrind took her on a car chase.


8. Douche!

(A/N) uGgghhh! Sooo short! Sorry about that...... anywhore... here you go!


"Loki is your father...." Thor blurted out. It took Katlyn a moment to register what he just said.

"I know" was all she could say, Kat knew she was adopted. But she really didn't think she was a goddess. She thought for a while. "IM A PRINCESS! IM A GODDESS! IM A FREAKING PRINCESS GODDESS!" Kat yelled. She had the most stupidest grin on her face.

"My prince Lady Sif! the king wishes to see you!" A guard yelled running towards the group of asgardians.

"Follow me" Thor and Sif ordered at the same time. Kat nodded and followed them. They walked up to two large golden doors. "Wow" Katlyn's eyes grew wide. "Best Day Ever!" Katlyn said before she was escorted in.
She saw a large golden chair, and in that chair sat Odin. King of Asgard, ruler of the nine realms.

"Ah young Hela, I have hea-" 

"Umm my name is not 'Hela' I don't know where everyone gets that idea. It's Katlyn, I prefer kat though. Also what's with your eye patch?" Kat rambled. Everyone stood there shocked.

"Alright 'Katlyn' daughter of Loki, you were sent to earth as banishment. I see how well that worked. Thor, my son. Why would you bring this disgrace here?" Odin asked. Katlyn was filled with anger, how dare he?

"Excuse me? I don't know who you are but you can't call me a disgrace. I did nothing wrong! You on the other hand are a douche! I will not be treated in such a manor!" If looks could kill, Odin would be dead.

"Guards! Lock her up!" Odin yelled.

"Father! I do not think-" "shush! If she wants to yell like a beast she will be treated like a beast!" Odin yelled again. Guards in golden armor came rushing in to grab Katlyn. Sif extended her sword into a two bladed staff.

"If you know what is best back away" Sif growled. Thor called moljnir and said the same.
"Haha. Douche!" Kat laughed.
"Your not helping your case" Sif said holding in he laughter.
"Wasn't planing on it" Katlyn looked around and spotted Fandral. He motioned for her to come over, so Kat slipped through the fight and followed Fandral to a hall that was fairly light. 

"Right through there" fandral instructed. Kat nodded and opened the door. She looked around the room till she spotted a bed. She then noticed loki spread out with his eyes closed. Kat slowly walked closer and climbed up and snuggled close.

"Hello my little kitten" loki whispered.

"Hi daddy" Katlyn whispered back. Loki was shocked by what she just said, but ignored it and smiled.

"Did Thor get you here okay?" Loki asked

"Yah" Kat snuggled into his chest and closed her eyes.

"I'm glad" Loki gently stroked her hair. 

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