Frozen promises

"Maddie , I love you don't you ever forget that ok!"
Now all that's left of him are his frozen promises.

Harry potter and percy jackson crossover.
I only own the plot ! Sadly I'm still not j.k Rowling or Rick riodan . All credit goes to them!


2. Chapter two

Chapter 2  
"Woah" percy breathed as he look across the sea of people holding "Wands" (as I'm told to call them )
and pushing carts and trunks. I pushed my 12 year old but twards the man waiting for something .
    "Ticket pleas " he said 
 "We haven't got any tickets !" I whisper to percy as I put on my 'acting but you don't know that' smile and looked at the man.
   "Sir we don't ..." I said sweetly getting cut off by a voice 
   " Their with me " it said confidently . 
   "Yes mr.malfoy " the ticket man said and gestured with his arms to let us through. I tried hauling my very heavy trunk (loaded with books,school robes, and parchment )
Up the lift but it wouldn't go! The bound leather handle was pulled out of my hand and swiftly pulled up the to the lift, I lifted my head and set my ocean blue eyes on a startling pair of light grey orbs . I steped back to get a good look at the boy, who was at least a year older than me, with white blond hair and pail skin . The boy put his wand in the back pocket of his grey trousers and held a pail hand out to me. 
"Malfoy" he states "Draco malfoy" 
"Jackson" I say tucking my small tan hands into the pockets of my light blue North Face . "Madisyn jackson, this is percy , percy jackson " -----•-----•-----•-----•-----•-----•-----•-----•-----•----•-----•
Dream: (she is older in this , like 15 or 16 ok!) i had just ran up to Malfoy ready to hex him into the floor.
" Hey Malfoy " I yelled 
Just then a very skinny boy approached us in baggy clothing clothing much like my own, and looked at Malfoy .
   "Potter you stupid git ..." Malfoy mutters as the boy narrowed his bright emerald green eyes , covered by big round glasses. The pink bush on his cheeks wasn't making him any less attractive , as he pushed the thick glasses up his nose exposing the light splash of freckles across the pail skin of his nose.
   I outed a very sickly wease to let them know that we where still their and I might be caching a cold.  The boys looked our way and quickly stepped away from the door to let percy guide us inside. 
"Malfoy ! I alwase have to clean up your messes !" the dark haired boy yelled outside the door banging his fist on the metal door as the train keep chugging along the track . 
   "We'll that makes sense potty as you where a maid for the cuberd people! " malfoy yelled anger laced in his voice.
I turned to look at percy , to only see a look of worry on his graceful features . 
"Yo, kelp face you can let go now " I mutter tugging at his fingers . He only looked at me , nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck and left peppered kisses on the hollow and base . 
   "P-percy stop p-pleas " I begged him . He was my brother ! 
   "Why ?" He questioned , in his English drawl making his voice deeper than normal . lifting his head , I could see his sea green eyes that someone normal could drowned in and not care. 
"I-I-I " I stutter , wanting to pull my eyes away , but I was hypnotized under is gaze .
"Exactly so sit back and enjoy the ride , sis " he said diving his head back into my neck .
I stifled a groan as I opened my eyes to the blinding mid-day light.two tall figures shuffled over to me as my hand instinctively went down to where I kept my knife ocean-liner only to find it wasn't their ( my camp director confiscated it before we left saying that 12 year olds with weapons was 'threatening'), as the pair approached I could see a head of Tousled black hair and freckled hand over my mouth.
"Don't scream" a voice said 
" who are you " came my muffled reply . 
"Ron take your hand off her mouth!" The other said (more like seethed ) at the ginger boy who promptly took is hand off my mouth . 
"Who are you " I repeated.
" blimey, harry she dosent know who you are " the red head states moving into the light . His bright blue eyes twinkling with amusement  as my face mirrored the confusion of the other boys face. As the boy steped out of the shadows I gasped.

"Well , that certainly didn't take long " muttered Ron .
I rolled my blue eyes at him and say " no no he just looks familiar " I turned back to the boy. Studying him , I noticed things I didn't catch in my dream. The boy although happy on the outside his eyes told me a different story , they looked old , like this boy had seen a lot for his age . Regret . His eyes showed regret , hurt and sadness. 
"I lost my parents too you know " I say after a long period of silence and Ron leaving to get 'Herminie' 5 minuets ago . " they never cared so they left me with my awful aunt ,her ever revolving door of boyfriends and her son Jason "
"Wha" he said "how did you know , you don't even know my name " 
"I can just tell " I say pulling my knees to my chest "and you don't know mine either " 
" Harry " he said smiling 
"Maddie" I said beaming 
 Just then a bushy haired girl burst through the door with Ron following in toe .
"Harry I heard what happend ... Who's this ?" She asked 
"Im Maddie , I'm a first year so this is my first time and ..." I said not really knowing how I had gotten hear . 
" she fell off the back of the train and hit her head , i caught her so Ron and I took her hear" harry finished for me and I have him a great full smile. Well now I know how I got hear . Right after I breathed a sigh of relief herminie launched into a whole explanation about Hogwarts. *sigh*this was going to be a long ride.. 

~~Percy's pov 
I walked around the Hogwarts express thinking about the two boys who rushed away with my ill sister. I might call her names and get on her nerves (but that's what brothers are for right? ) but I still care for her . Maybe too much. I was deep in thought before I saw the red head that took my sister running behind a bushy haired girl towards the end of the train. I sighed and started to follow them. Why not right ?

~~Maddie's pov

Herminie pulled a thick book out of her bag and tried handing to me , but I couldn't take it . 
" I'm dislexic" I explained shyly    "I can't read " 
She looked at me in shock and pulled another book from her bag , flipping through the pages. She stopped on a particularly blank page and muttered a spell under her breath .
" hear " she said hainding me the book ' Hogwarts: a history ' "read a page of this "
I opened the thick book to a random page and watched with fascination  as none of the letters floated off the page or jumbled them selfs . I could read. I could finally read! 
" oh , thank you thank you thank you herminie " I gushed , hugging the bush haired griffendore.
 " your welcome" she grinned before their was a nock at the door . I stood and stretched while walking to the door . Their stood ...  

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