One Direction Changed Me


5. Powers

Hannah's POV

When I woke up I woke Joey up with me. One direction was standing in front of us! Then they told us they were vampires! I looked and she had red eyes. She told me I had red eyes. I looked at Liam and asked why we had red eyes and he told me because we are vampires now. Joey freaked out. I was dumbfounded. I looked at Joey again and she asked where are rooms were. He told us we had to share a room with one of he boys.

Liam POV

When I told Hannah and Joey they had to stay in a room with one of the boys I was hoping Hannah would want to stay with me. Hannah and Joey started talking when Niall butted in and said they had powers and so did all of us. Zayn started telling them what all of our powers were,

Zayn- transform into different things.

Harry- can teleport

Liam- able to read minds

Louis- invisibility

Niall- can hyptomize people

Hannah asked what her powers were and so did Joey and we told them they had all the powers cause we all bit them.

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