One Direction Changed Me


2. Getting Ready

Joeys POV

Hannah and I were packing our bags when I heard my phone go off. I went and checked it and it said we ( Hannah and I) were put in a raffle and the 2 winners got to live with one direction for however long they wanted to. When I packed my bag I put on a crop top with Louis on the front and all the songs on the back I also put on gray skinny jeans with my orange toms. Hannah put on gray skinny jeans with a crop top that had a British flag on the front and all the boys names on the back. With red bobs.

Hannah's POV

We got in the car and I got in the passenger seat because Joey didn't think I was capable of driving. I never knew why though. When we got in the car she told me that the concert director put us in a raffle to win a forever long trip with one direction! We both got excited. Then pulled up to the hotel we were staying at. We went up to out rooms and slept all night. In the morning We were awoken by the knock of room service. Then we packed our bags and left. We stopped at a Chinese restraunt and ate. The clock read 7;30 and the concert started at 8:30. When we got at the concert we were 30 min early. Finally we took our seats and one direction came out. After about 5 songs the concert director came out.

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