One Direction Changed Me


3. Concert

Hannah's POV

After 5 songs the concert director came out and was getting. Ready to announce the raffle winners. She called section F row 3. Me and Joey started getting really excited because we were in that section and that row. Then Paul (1D bodyguard) came out. And I promise he pointed right at Hannah and I. Then she said seat numbers 15 and 16. Joey and I freaked out. That was us! She called us to come up to the stage. We did so. Teen Paul brought us backstage. We were 2 feet away from One Direction. I tried so hard not to scream but my face started turning red and so did Hannah's. The Joey just busted out in a scream. Louis chuckled and Liam just stared at me. I saw him out of the corner of my eye. I think he caught me because his face got really red.

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