My big brother

Toula Payne. Liam's little pride and joy as a little sister. She hides behind the cameras and fame as she is only 14. Liam would do anything for her to make her happy. But when one of the boys has a crush on her, what will Liam do when he finds out?


9. Chapter 9

I stormed inside, slamming the door leaving the girls behind and a heart broken Liam. I walked up to my room, slamming that door as well, and locking it so no one can come in and bother me. Liam new nothing about me anymore, he didn't know that I could sing, or that I can dance, or pretty much anything about me since he became like this. I wanted to run away, and run away I did. I grabbed my bag packing a couple pairs of cloths, my phone charger, and anything else I needed. I looked around outside as I hopped out onto the roof, climbing down the tree, and making a run for it. I didn't know where I would go, but I know it wouldn't be here anymore, I couldn't take all the un needed stress of being his little sister.

*Liam's POV*

My own sister said she hated me.. Wow Liam, what a great big brother. I ran my hands through my short hair as we all walked back inside, "we are going to go talk to Toula" the girls said as the ran up the stairs. "Liam! The doors locked!" Violet yelled. I sigh softly as I walked upstairs and un locked it with the key. "Toula?" I said softly. No answer. "Toula please" I said again, getting worried, no answer.

Holy shit she's gone.....

*Toula's POV*

I was walking down the streets of Wolverhampton, everything was so pretty, I saw the park Liam used to take me to when I was little. I walked over and sat on the swing, putting my bag down, taking my phone out. I was getting a call from Niall.. I didn't know if I wanted to answer it or not, but I did as long as it wasn't Liam I was fine with it. "Hello?" I said into the phone, looking down at my feet. "Toula! Where the bloody hell are you?!" He yelled his voice filled with worry. I didn't answer as I didn't want to tell him, "I ran away.." I said, I can hear him mumble something's into the phone. "Look babe, I know your mad right now, but please come home" he said more calm. "Not a chance in hell" I said. I can hear the frustration in his voice as he spoke, "then if you don't come here, I'm finding you and dragging your little ass back here" he said, I could hear the door close lightly on his end. "Niall! I'm not going back, not even if you make me!" I yelled, grabbing my bag and began to walk again. "Tell me now where the hell you are" he demanded. "I said I'm not telling you" I said as I was still close to home, I can hear him driving trying to find me. He hung up the phone, I sigh as I put mine in my back pocket, looking around. I heard a car door close as I turn around to see the one and only Niall. "Babe! Please!" He yelled, I turned around and began to walk again. "Your going to make me run aren't you?" He asked as I heard footsteps. I stopped and turned around to meet Niall. He knelt down in front of me like I was a little kid. "Sweetheart.. Don't do that again.." He said worry filled his blue eyes. "Stop talking to me like I'm a little kid! I'm not! In fucking 14 years old and I get treated like I'm 5" I finally snapped. He shook his head as he stood up taking my hand and dragging me to the car. "Where do you want to go, cause I know you don't want to go back home" he said as he began to drive.

So my plane of running away didn't work, but I'm still not going home, I would rather move to the US with my aunt and uncle then be picked on daily by people who don't even know the real me. "Look, I know Liam isn't the only think bugging you, what else is wrong?" He asked looking over at me. "Everyone Niall! I get bullied on a daily! Just for being someone's little sister, just for havering the same last name!" I yelled, finally breaking. He bit his lip softly as he pulled into a parking lot, he looked over at me, "I'm sorry.." He spoke softly. I crawled over to him cuddling into his chest as I sat on his lap. "I'm just done with everything.." I said softly. He nodded his head, "everyone gets hated on for different reasons, but you can't run away from your problems, it doesn't solve anything but it causes more trouble. People will call you names and say some pretty nasty things to you and or about you, but you have to ignore them, show them your the bigger person and rise above them" he said. His words so true and meaningful.

I looked up at Niall who was giving me a small smile, "thank you.." I said giving him a hug. "Anything to help you princess" he said kissing my head softly. "Please come home, you don't have to talk to Liam, you can ignore him.. But please come home for me and your friends" he said looking down at me, his eyes filled with hope. I nodded my head as I climbed back into the passenger seat and he started to drive. I got out of the car when he pulled In the driveway, grabbing his hand as we walked inside. "I found her" Niall said, making everyone turn to face us. "TOULA!!" The girls yelled, running up to me, giving me a huge hug each of them. "Don't you ever do that again! You hear me!" Roneth said, trying to act serous but she couldn't, I nodded my head softy as we were about to walk up stairs.

"Toula.. Can we talk.. Please?" I heard Liam say.

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