My big brother

Toula Payne. Liam's little pride and joy as a little sister. She hides behind the cameras and fame as she is only 14. Liam would do anything for her to make her happy. But when one of the boys has a crush on her, what will Liam do when he finds out?


7. Chapter 7

*1 week later*

"Noo!" I yelled, "you can't take that Ronnie!" I yelled again. She had my phone and we are on a school field trip. "Why? What is Miss.Payne hiding?" She said a smirk playing on her face. She new my password, I looked at Violet, "remind me to change my password" I whispered. I wasn't hiding anything, I just didn't want her to see the texts between me and Niall. I looked over to see Roneth reading my messages as she had a huge smile on her face. I ran up to her taking the phone away, "Thats enough little one" I said as she pouted, I locked my phone putting it in my purse as we went along with the field trip. "Why in the hell is this so boring" Vi complained, I shook my head, "I mean it's hot as hell and they want us walking around the damn zoo like we are little kids" Roneth added. "You two are complainers" I said as my phone went off.

Nialler- 'Hey princess, how's the zoo going?:)'

Me- 'I'm stuck with two complainers and my feet hurt..'

Nialler- ' Your complaining you goof'

Me- 'Nooo... Just.. Yea nvm..'

Nialler- ' That's what I thought now go learn something'

Me- ' It's the zoo -.- you don't learn much'

Nialler- 'Shh maybe you will, pay attention'

Me- '-.- really..'

Nialler- 'Shh'

I smiled as I put my phone away as we kept walking around. "LUNCH FINALLY!" Roneth yelled, "Food, who doesn't like food" she said with a smile. We walked over to the tables they had set up and I pulled out my lunch that Liam tried making me. "Let's see what Liam packed for Toula today" I said digging threw the paper bag. I pulled out a Nutella sandwich, a bag of chips, a water bottle, and an apple. "They only good thing is the Nutella sandwich and maybe the water.." I said as the girls laughed at me. "Food, is food young child" Roneth said, taking a bite of her sandwich. We talked and are lunch, I ended up training my apple with Violet, she giving my her cookies. "See everyone loves cookies" I said smiling, hiding them in my purse for later cause us three girls where bound to be hungry later. "More walking how fun" Violet said rolling her eyes as we stood up. "Get over your self, we only have like 3 more hours." I said looking at the time. "These people want me to die, that's way to long" Roneth said as we walked to go see the dolphin show.

"Great, how fun, we are going to get splashed on" Violet said sitting down, "No, we just have to be carful" I said, I was sitting in the middle as I wanted to sit next I both of them. As the show started, my phone kept buzzing, "Dude. Just answer it" Roneth whispered. I shook my head, "I don't want my phone getting wet or anything" I said softly as the teacher was looking at us. When the show was over we all walked out, "can't we go back in, it was cold and I don't want to melt" Violet said, I have her my water bottle as she took a sip, I handed it to Ronnie as she did to, "so we don't die, Liam was thinking about us" I said as we laughed. I pulled my phone out to see. 2 messages from Niall, 1 message from Liam, and 4 messages from Harry.. "What the hell does he want.." I said as I read them over. "Well Harry is picking us up after school, and is taking us out to I don't know where cause he won't tell me.." I said looking at the girls.

"Have you ever I don't know.. Thought that Harry LIKES YOU!" They both yelled. Making my eyes grow wider.

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