My big brother

Toula Payne. Liam's little pride and joy as a little sister. She hides behind the cameras and fame as she is only 14. Liam would do anything for her to make her happy. But when one of the boys has a crush on her, what will Liam do when he finds out?


5. Chapter 5

After dinner I grabbed my plate, brining it over to the sink, putting it in the dish washer. "Let's go up to my room ladies" I said, as we walked up the stairs, closing the door to my room. "AHHHHHHH TOULA WE SAW!!" Roneth yelled, jumping up and down in excitement. I looked at her. "Shut up you weirdo" I said smiling. She was still happy with excitement. "!!!" She yelled again. I ran my hands threw my hair, "Can you not..." I said again. Her and Violet sat down on my big bed, "Tell us" they demanded. I looked at them confused, "Tell you what?" I asked. "Don't play dumb blonde" Violet said with a smile. I told them in a hushed tone what happen between me and Niall. Before Roneth could scream, I covered her mouth with my hand. "Shh!" I snapped at her, but she but my hand, "OWW!" I yelled. She have me an innocent smile. "You little vampire you" I said as she smiled again.

*Niall's POV*

"Hey Liam.. Can I talk to you?" I asked. I was bloody nervous.. What if he said no? What if he said I was to old for her? 'Stop it Niall, Liam is a reasonable guy..' I thought. "What it is?" He asked, walking over to me. I pulled him into the kitchen, "I-um.. I like your sister.." I spit out. He looked at me wide eyed. "YOU'RE 20 YEARS OLD! I THINK YOUR CRAZY!" He yelled at me. I knew this was going to happen, I'm so stupid. "I know.. But I really like her Liam.." I said softly. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration, "hurt her, or bring her into the public eye, Niall I swear to god.. " he said in a serious tone. I nodded my head, "Is that a yes.." I asked, still scared. He nodded his head, and gave me a hug, "Your still my best mate, but please don't hurt my baby sister" he said as I hugged him back. "Thank you, I promise I won't in anyway shape or form" I said a smile on my face. I have to go tell Toula, so I ran up the stairs up to her room.

*Harry's POV*

No.. This can't be happening, he can't have Toula... I have to get her. She has to be mine.

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