My big brother

Toula Payne. Liam's little pride and joy as a little sister. She hides behind the cameras and fame as she is only 14. Liam would do anything for her to make her happy. But when one of the boys has a crush on her, what will Liam do when he finds out?


23. Chapter 22

I woke up the next morning with someone's arms wrapped tightly around me. I slowly opened my eyes to find the blond haired blues eyed boy snoring softly as slept beside me, I sat up slowly only to be pulled back down. "No.." I heard a deep Irish morning voice say that made me just go weak, I sigh softly as I tried once again to get up. "I said no.." He said pulling me back down as he nuzzled his head in my neck. "I smell food.. And I want food.." I said as I can hear him sigh heavily as he let my waist go as I sat up. "Come back.." He whispered in my ear as he started to kiss my neck softly, his hands wanting to travel my body, but he contained himself. "Maybe I will, maybe I wont" I said as I walked out of the room and down stairs to see everyone in the kitchen eating, "Niall's lazy.. And won't get out of bed so.. Yea.. I'm here to eat I don't care." I said taking food off of Liam's plate a he shook his head laughing at me. When I was done eating I was about to walk upstairs, "We are going to do something today!" Violet called out as I nodded my head and smiled as I walked back into his room to a now awake Niall, as he was watching tv. "Come here.." He said opening his arms, his eyes a bright blue. I walked over to him as he made me straddle his waist, his hands on my waist. "Would it be a cheeky way to say my lips are cold for you to kiss me?" He asked with a smirk as I started to laugh while I nodded my head. "Fine, I will do it my self" he said as he flipped us over, his one hand still on my waist the other hand by my head, "Your lips.. So kissable.. So irresistible" he mumbled against my lips as I looked at him. "This makes me sound crazy.. But a 14 year old girl, so beautiful, so flawless so perfect, just makes me want to go crazy. Cause of how beautiful she is, how flawless she is and how perfect she is. Toula you make me go weak, you do things to me that no other girl has before.." His words were soft, gentle and caring. I looked at him as his eyes were filled with love, and they told the truth.

I was in the bathroom getting ready for what the girls and I were going to do. The mall. We never really had time since all the fighting that was going on. I was wearing ripped shorts with a black v-neck and one of Liam's plaid shirts that he let me have, and let me tell you, it was huge but I rolled up the sleeves and just worked with it. I put my hair in a pony tail and finished my makeup and walked down stairs with my skateboard. Roneth had her little penny board, and Violet had her long board as we were all wearing black vans. "I'm leaving!" I called out as I out my phone in my back pocket. "Have fun!" I heard my mum call as we walked out of the house and began to skateboard to the mall. Once we got to the mall we looked at eachother with this sort of evil look and decided to all cause trouble. "Ok, I will take the lower level, you two take the upper level" I said as the girls nodded as we all started to skateboard around the mall, and of course a security guard started to run after me. "Stop that girl!!" He yelled, people getting out of my way, people cheered me on, telling me to keep going until I bumped into someone. "Holy.. Shit.." I said as I stood up, everything was dizzy and I looked at the person I bumped into. He looked so familiar. "Hey Toula" the deep voice said. I shook my head to make everything go back to normal and none the less it was my ex. Jake. "Oo hey Jake.." I said picking up my board as I put on a fake smile, hoping it would just make him go away. "So I heard you're dating Niall Horan." He came right out with it, just literally couldn't keep it in any longer could he? After him and me broke up we stopped talking really, things became distant between us. "Yea, why do you care?" I asked as I tried to keep the tone in my voice from becoming sassy. "Cause I just hope he's ok with sloppy seconds" a smirk playing on his face, a smirk I wasted to just slap so damn hard. "Look here you asshole, it wasn't my fault you broke up with me, that was all on you but you decide it's ok to say the shit your saying?!" I finally snapped. I dropped my board and went face to face with him, he was taller then me but I wanted to just slap him. So damn bad. "Aww what's the little girl gonna do?" He asked with a baby tone and a bigger smirk.

Soon I heard wheels coming and the girls showed up, "Sorry but dogs aren't allowed in the mall" Violet sassed at him, Roneth tried to hold in a laugh. "Neither are ugly people but I see they let you two in" he said turning his attention to them. "You don't talk to my friends like that!" I snapped at him. "What the hell.." I heard Roneth say as the school slut, Cindy came up from behind him. "Ugly people aren't allowed here" she said draping her arm over him. I wanted to puke. "Look it's the perfect couple" I said with a fake smile. Cindy walked infront of me dropping her purse, "You're just jealous" she snapped. "Jealous of what?! I have a boyfriend!" I snapped back at her, wanting to just hit her so bad. "Who? Is it a dog?" She said with the fakest laugh I've ever heard. "No it's actually Niall Horan.." I said. "Ew!! Why would Niall want to date an ugly bitch like you!" She yelled, her voice filled with disgust. I closed my eyes holding in my temper but it didn't work as my eyes filled with anger as I punched her right in the nose as she stumbled back, she came back after me, kneeing me in the stomach making me go down in pain, but I stood up, tackling her punching her face until the girls had to pull me off. "You fucking bitch" she spat at me a proud smirk was on my face as she looked at me. "What are you going to do about it?" I snapped back at her just wanting to beat the living shit out of her again. "Let me go!" I yelled at the girls, trying to break free and I did going after her once again. She punched me in the stomach and in the face a few times, I elbowed her in the jaw and kneed her in the face grabbing her by her hair. "Hey! Hey! Stop! Toula!" I heard someone yell making me distracted as she kicked me in the stomach. "Holy shit.." I said to my self as I punched her in the jaw. I looked up to see my brother. Liam. "Shit.."

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