My big brother

Toula Payne. Liam's little pride and joy as a little sister. She hides behind the cameras and fame as she is only 14. Liam would do anything for her to make her happy. But when one of the boys has a crush on her, what will Liam do when he finds out?


21. Chapter 20

I looked at Harry in shock, Niall not so much. His blue eyes went deep, almost turning black. "You love MY girl?!" He snapped at Harry, trying to hold back from kicking his ass. Harry looked down at the ground, Niall looked super pissed. "I can't help my feelings for someone Niall.." He said softly, he looked down at his feet his hands behind his back. "LOOK AT ME HARRY!" Niall yelled. Harry slowly lifted his head, sorry in his green eyes. "MY girlfriend! There are so many other girls but you choose MY GIRL!" Niall yelled loudly. It felt like the house was shaking at how loudly he was yelling. I've never seen him this mad before in my whole life. "I-I'm sorry.." He said above a whisper. Niall's eyes went black. Angry. Jealousy. Filling his baby blue eyes. I took his hand to calm him down as he looked at me, his eyes lightened a little but as they turned back to face Harry, they went black once again.

"Niall.. Can we take a walk please.." I said softly not wanting him to yell as I was a little scared at how he was acting. I never knew someone so nice, so sweet and caring can have a temper like that. And it's scary. He turned to face me, his eyes still filled with anger as he looked at me, slowly nodding his head. I took his hand as we walked outside, the warm summer air hitting me. "Niall.." I spoke softly still scared. He turned to look at me, sorry filled his blue eyes once he did, pain, and hurt all mixed with the lovely shade of blue I love. "Yes baby girl?" He asked. His voice was filled with pain. "W-why did you get so jealous.." I asked. He took in a deep breath before saying, "Darling.. Cause I love you and only you, you're different from all the girls I've dated, and for me to loose you to someone else would just kill me.. You're mine and I'm yours, that's how it's supposed to work. I know you love me.. I can see it in your eyes, but when someone else loves you other than I.. Well it hurts and I can't bare the feeling of you ever to leave me for someone else.." He said close to tears.

I looked at him, my eyes going a lighter colour as a hint of happiness filled them, but it was mixed with depression, hurt and pain making them light, but still dark. Like Yin and Yag.. The two fish, ones dark and ones light, but I don't know who is dark and who is light anymore cause in the world that I live in.. In all the mess that is happening. It's Dark. "Baby, please promise to never leave me for anyone else.." He finally spoke as I saw a small tear fall down his cheek. "I promise.." My voice filled with confidence and power, but yet so much pain was hiding behind it, yet yelling to come out and show. He pressed his forehead against mine as his eyes went back to the baby blue that I know and love, but you can still see the hurt in them. "I love you my princess.." "I love you too.." Every little word we spoke on our walk was soft, and quiet, we were talking like someone can hear us. I did love the blonde Irish boy standing right beside me as I held his hand, and I knew he loved me every little part of me, an I would never go anywhere. Why? Cause I made a promise I will keep, Forever and Always.

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