My big brother

Toula Payne. Liam's little pride and joy as a little sister. She hides behind the cameras and fame as she is only 14. Liam would do anything for her to make her happy. But when one of the boys has a crush on her, what will Liam do when he finds out?


2. Chapter 2

As the day went on, it was finally lunch. I walked to my locker, grabbing my lunch, rushing down to the lunch room. I sat at out normal table, that we always sit at. I opened my lunch to see something new. A letter. I waited for the girls to show up, to read it with them. "Hey ladies" Roneth said, sitting down. I slapped the letter on the table as Violet sat down. "The hell?" They said. I opened the letter, as my eyes widened.

Hello love!

I can't wait to see you! Liam has said a lot about you, and showed us pictures, man... You changed.. Your beautiful, I'm not saying you where beautiful before, cause you were. The first time I saw you, you stole my heart. I can't wait princess. :)

Love:Niall Horan

My eyes widened, as the girls where speechless. "HE LIKES YOU! HE LIKES YOU!" They both yelled. No one heard cause it was too loud in the lunch room. "Shut up, he doesn't like me.." I said folding the letter, placing it in my pocket. As lunch came to an end, we stood up, and walked out of the lunchroom together. "So what are you going to do?" Violet asked. I shrugged lightly, running my hands threw my hair. "I honestly don't know.." I said, as we reached the stairs. "See you his in math.." I said, going to my locker.

I out the note deep in my back pack, getting my math stuff, walking back down. I sat next to the girls in the back of the class. The teacher stopped trying to tell us to stop, as long as we did the work she really just didn't care. "You have to have a plan.." Roneth whispered to me. I shook my head. "Maybe he was just being nice.. Maybe he doesn't like me.." I said. I've never really had that much confidence in my self, at all, so having Niall Horan, maybe like me, didn't do me no good. The teacher pasted out a worksheet. I put my name on top. Toula Payne. I looked at my name, none of this would happen if I was just normal.....

*End of the day*

"My mum told me not to take the bus.." I said, showing them the text I got after school. "Then how the hell are we going to get to your house?" Violet asked. I gave her a look, "Oo I don't know Vi, FLY!" I said sarcastically. We ended up sitting in the grass. Just talking. "Oo lord it's hot as hell." I complained, taking off my jacket, and shirt. I had on a half tight shirt on under. "DUDE! You mom let you get your belly button done!" The girls yelled. I nodded my head. "Lucky" Roneth said.

As we where the last people on school grounds, a black car pulled up. "Should we run.." Violet said, eying the car. I shook my head, "No, wait just a second, if a rapist pops out, we run" I said. The car stopped, and out came a boy with shorter hair and sunglasses, waring shorts and a t-shirt. "I know that boy.." I said with a smile. I stood up, running over to the boy, "LIAM!" I yelled, giving Him a big hug. "Hi babe" he said, I could hear the smile on his face.

I pulled away as the girls walked over. "This is Roneth and Violet, my only BEST friends" I said with a smile. They smiled at each other. They weren't as crazy as I thought they would be, they were really call about it. "Umm.." Liam said, pointing at my belly button. "Does mom know?!" He asked, trying not to flip out. I nodded my head lightly, as he shook his head.

*Liams POV*

God I missed my little sister so much. I can't believe my mum let her do that! I have to have I talk with her. But I'm glad I get to see her now, spend time with my baby sister.

*Toula's POV*

We grabbed our stuff and walked to the back of the car, outing our stuff in the truck. "Do you think your moms would let you sleep over?" I asked, as they nodded. "We already have cloths at your house too" Violet said, as we laughed. We hopped in from the trunk as we climbed over the seats. "OW!" I heard someone yell, it was Harry. I kicked him in the back of the head. "I'm not sorry?" I said with a smile on my face. "Nice to see you too love" Harry said giving me a hug.

*Harry's POV*

God she's beautiful

*Niall's POV*

Words can't describe how she looks right now, or any time..

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