My big brother

Toula Payne. Liam's little pride and joy as a little sister. She hides behind the cameras and fame as she is only 14. Liam would do anything for her to make her happy. But when one of the boys has a crush on her, what will Liam do when he finds out?


10. Chapter 10

"There's nothing to talk about Liam! You pretty much fucked up my life! That's all" I yelled, slamming the door. I walked over to my bed and began to cry. Everything was falling apart, nothing was the same as it used to be before.

Look, don't get me wrong, I'm proud of Liam and everything, but he doesn't understand that I get dragged in the dirt along with his fame. I get called I'm fake, that I'm nothing but a shadow in Liam's lights and cameras. And it hurts. People don't understand the full affect that they have on people, everyone has their breaking point, and mine just happen to come now. I was at the pint where I couldn't take the stress, I need to do something about it. I bunch of ideas came to my head, all of them simple but effective. I needed something quick, with a rush.

I walked back down stairs, everyone in their rooms. I walked to the fridge and grabbed a beer. Yes, I know what you're thinking. A 14 year old drinking!? Well shut the fuck up and keep your opinion to your self. I opened the bottle and took a sip. "That's nasty.." I said to my self as I drank half the beer bottle. I wasn't drunk but I was sure tipsy, and i knew I needed to stop, so I did. I put the bottle on the counter and wobbled over to the couch. "Babe? What are you still doing up?" I heard Niall say. I turned around, the smell of beer on m breath. "Couldn't sleep.." I said my voice still steady, but my balance wasn't. He looked over and turned the light on, "please tell me you didn't.." He said, taking the bottle and finishing it off. He walked over to me, "drinking doesn't solve your problems, now let's get your little tipsy ass to bed" he said kissing my head as he picked me up, taking me to my room. "Do you want me to stay with you?" He asked as he laid me down. I nodded my head. He crawled into my bed next to me, getting under the covers as he pulled me closer to him. "Promise me you will never drink again" he said. You can tell he was serious yet worried by the tone in his voice. I nodded my head, "I promise.." I said softly before closing my eyes and falling asleep.

*The next morning*

I woke up at around 10. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I saw Niall laying next to me, still sound asleep. "Hey.. Wake up.." I said softly before poking his cheek. He groaned and rolled over, "don't touch me babe, not while I'm sleeping" he mumbled before falling back asleep. "Please.. " I begged as I was now awake but still brutally tired. "Can't we just have a lazy day?" He asked, rolling back over to face me. I sigh softly but nodded my head. He grabbed the remote from the bed side and turned on my TV. "Perfect day with the perfect girl" he said kissing my head softly. The boys and the girls all went out so I was just me and Niall until they came back. They came back at around 5 in the afternoon. I was taking a nap while Niall watched tv. "Toula!" I heard someone call, I ignored it and rolled over. "Toula Nicole Payne! Now!" I heard someone yell again. "Go away" I groaned as I rolled out of bed and walked down stairs. I saw someone very familiar standing by the door. He had blue eyes, pretty tall, no hair on his head. He looked like someone I knew. Him and Liam looked a little alike, it was kinda scary.

"Luke.. What the hell are you doing here..?"

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