My big brother

Toula Payne. Liam's little pride and joy as a little sister. She hides behind the cameras and fame as she is only 14. Liam would do anything for her to make her happy. But when one of the boys has a crush on her, what will Liam do when he finds out?


1. Chapter 1

"Come on honey" my mum shook me awake. I rolled over, falling off the bed. "Oww my bum..." I said standing up. I walked over to the bathroom, looking in the mirror, "Ew.." I said to my self, Turing on the shower to warm water. You all are wondering who I am right?

Well, I'm Toula Payne, yes, yes hold your gasps, Liam Payne's little sister of One Direction. I'm only 14, the youngest of the Payne kids, there's Ruth, Nicole and of course Liam. No ones ever heard of me, cause Liam doesn't like me in the public eye, he says I'm too young for all of that. I have green eyes, with hint of brown, and curly, dirty blond hair. It was longer, but I cut it a while ago.

As I got out of the shower, I walked back to my room, a towel around me. Me being the 14 year old teenager that I am, I have posters of the boys in my room. As I got dressed, I put on black, high wasted shorts, with my white v-neck, along with my jean jacket. I straightened my hair, putting on a little makeup. I grabbed my white toms, and walked down stairs.

"Mum!!!!!!!" I yelled, knowing she was right in the kitchen. "No need to yell honey" she said, handing me a plate of food. "Oo I know, just thought it would be fun" I said smiling. I are my food, and when I was done, putting it in the dishwasher. "So when does Liam come home?" I asked, grabbing my lunch, putting it in my backpack. "Today, him and the boys will be here when you get home from school" my mum said, kissing my cheek as I walked it the door.

I've only met the boys, once and that was when I was younger and had, braces and glasses, and pretty much don't look the same now. As I walked to my bus stop, I saw one of my best friends. I only have two that I can trust with the whole Liam's little sister thing. "RONETH!!" I yelled, rubbing across the street, hugging her. "Dude it's been like 24 hours since I last saw you, calm your ovaries" she said laughing. "I feel UN LOVED!" I yelled, walking away from her. "No! Baby come back I love you!" She yelled, running over to me. See I love my girls, out of the two that I have.

Out of us three, there's Roneth, Me, and Violet. We are all loud,crazy, annoying to thee people. But we can can be serious.. Wait no, no we can't.. As the bus came, I cut infront of the people that hate me, and I hate them back, walking on the bus. I sat in back with Ronnie(Roneth's nickname) and started to talk to her.

As the radio was playing, we started to hear the beat of 'What makes you beautiful' I screamed and so did she, as we started to yell/sing it. People gave us weird looks, but did I care? No cause I was having fun and you are just jealous of us. As we got to school, we walked off the bus, and I can hear people whisper some pretty mea things, like. 'Roneth's just using her' or like, 'She's a slut' I pushed the people who said that, making there heads hit the window.

We spotted Violet, running up to her. "We missed you!!" We said hugging her. "You guys are weirdos" she said, as we all laughed. As we walked into school, all I got was dirty looks, and whispers, from people. This happen everyday, on the dot, because of Liam, and every girl was jealous that I get to see the boys when ever I wanted too. People always wanted to be my "friend" just to get close to the boys, did I let them? Hell no! I have my two friends, and that's all I need.

"See you guys at lunch" I said walking to my first class of the day, English. As I was walking up the stairs, I was tripped. "Haha! Stay down there you slut!" The girls spat. I shook my head, getting up, walking to class.

"I love you Liam, but thanks for all of this.."

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