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Marina has lived most of her life as a mermaid. Then one day things get a little different. Read to find out!


2. new friend

I'm in my room playing my guitar. I finally get bored and decide to go swimming at the beach. I go to my secret hide out behind the rocks. Nobody can fid me there unless they followed me. I dive into the water and my tail appears. I got swim to my favorite place. The coral reef. When I get there I look at all the beautiful fish and coral. After about thirty minutes I swim back to the shore. When i get there I grab my towel. After it disappears I notice someone was watching me. I froze in my tracks. Finally she says something." How did you just get a tail and make it disappear?!?". "Well it's a long story. It all started out when I was four. I was swimming when I found this shell. I brought it home with me and listened to it. Then I passed out. When I woke up I went to go swim again. When I touched the water I popped a tail.". "Wow" was all she could say. Then after a moment of silence she said,"oh and by the way my name is Marci" "well it's nice to meet you Marci. My name is Marina.". "Ok well by Marina!" She said."By! Don't forget don't tell anyone!" I said. "Ok by" she said and walked away.

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