Crazy, Stupid, Styles.

Megan Watson is an artsy teen with a difficult family, and some famous friends, like Harry Styles. What happens when Harry meets Megan's older sister Jamie. Will his big mistake ruin their friendship or will he find a way to make it up to her? Read to find out!


4. The morning after

      The next morning I woke up at 11:00. That is late for me even when I sleep in, but after my eventful day yesterday I guess it was to be expected. I might not have woken up at all if the sound of my phone hadn't woken me up. It was a text from harry.

harry: Get dressed. Im picking you up and taking you to the hotel with us.

you: When?

Harry: 15 minutes

You: Dude! I cant get ready thats fast! Im a girl remember. I cant just throw something on.

Harry: Fine Mrs. Fancy pants! 30 minutes.

you: Still to short, but I can work with that. See you then!

Harry: See ya! xx

you: :)

    I quickly jumped out of bed and took my hair out of its braid. I had taken a shower yesterday so I decided it wasnt neccesary and there wasn't enough time anyway. I brushed my hair, and did my makeup. I put on some pink socks and tights, my favorite black skirt, and my just dream crop top. Just for style I put on my black vintage hat too. Then I grabbed my combat boots and my bag and was downstairs and ready to go in... 15 minutes... huh. I guess harry was right I could get ready that fast. What do you know.

       "Morning" I said to my mom as I walked into the kitchen. "Morning Sweetie, or should I say afternoon. Did you have fun yesterday? How are those boys?" My mom replied from the kitchen table. "It was amazing!" I said "And the guys are great. Harry is picking me up in, like, 15 minutes and im gonna hang out with them some more today." "Ok just keep in touch." She said it nicely, but I could tell it bothered her that I was gone all yesterday, and now I was gonna be gone all day today. Which I understand, but she always does the same thing. She talks about how she doesnt like that im so anti social, but whenever I actually start to have a life she get all annoyed that Im never at home.

        A knock on the door knocked me out of my thoughts. That meant that Harry was here. And There was Jamie getting the door. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit! There was nothing I could do though she was already at the door. Oh god she's talking to him. Damn her and her charming personality! "You must be Harry! Im Megan's oldest sister Jamie. Its nice to meet you." He smiled and shook her hand. "Megan's told me such nice things about you. Its nice to meet you too." Yeah 'nice' things I thought to myself. "Well its good we all know each other. Bye mom! Bye Jamie. Lets go Harry wouldnt want to keep Paul waiting. You know how he gets when you're out to long without any security. Ok bye now!" I was babbling like a crazy person as I grabbed Harry's hand and dragged him to the car. He laughed but didnt put up a fight.

       I sighed in relief when we got to the car and Harry started it. "She seems nice and she's pretty, but nothing compared to you Megan." Harry said, breaking the silence. I blushed but looked away so he wouldn't see. I don't like to show it that much but I am actually pretty insecure, and when people compliment me it feels weird but also really good. I dont like showing weakness in front of the boys though. Its not because I think they will judge me if I do. Its the opposite actually. I just know that they would get really protective over me and always be asking me if Im ok, when what I like about my friendship with them is that i get to feel strong, and confident, and funny, when Im with them because they make me feel that way.

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