Crazy, Stupid, Styles.

Megan Watson is an artsy teen with a difficult family, and some famous friends, like Harry Styles. What happens when Harry meets Megan's older sister Jamie. Will his big mistake ruin their friendship or will he find a way to make it up to her? Read to find out!


11. Romantic feelings ruin everything.

           "I think we should go out tonight." Zayn said. It was about 4:30pm. We had been hanging out all day eating junk. It was probably a good idea to have a chance to eat real food. "That sounds good to me" I said enthusiastically. Everyone else agreed so Zayn set out to look for a resteraunt to go to. We decided to go to a some what fancy place which meant we all had to change into non sweats. That also meant I had to go home. Harry offered to take me which made my heart skip a beat. I forced my excitement to go away though. I was not going to let my emotions get the best of me. Not this time. Romantic feelings ruin everything.

            When we got back to my house, Jamie was sitting in the living room. She was on her computer, but when Harry and I entered she put it aside and started talking to Harry who happily sat down beside her. "Ok, well I'm just gonna go change then." I said awkwardly. "Ok then. Don't take too long." Harry replied barely taking his eyes off of Jamie who didn't respond. A wave of panic and jealousy washed over me as I walked upstairs. I remembered what Louis had said to me that morning which calmed me a bit. 

            "So I can't decide between my loose red dress, or my blue and white dress. What do you think har-" I stopped dead in my tracks and my heart sank. There they sat. My sister and my best friend. Kissing. On my couch. They pulled apart quickly, but it was too late, I had seen all I needed to. I dropped my dresses on the stairs and ran out the front door before they could say anything. I felt betrayed and abandoned, but mostly I just felt stupid. Stupid for letting him meet her. Stupid for bringing him back, stupid for even thinking he would ever choose me over her. I stared crying. Not the kind of crying you do when watching a sad movie. More like the kind where you sobbing so much where you can't stop. I didn't stop walking though. I kept moving. I knew the people walking past me where looking at me but I didn't care.


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