Crazy, Stupid, Styles.

Megan Watson is an artsy teen with a difficult family, and some famous friends, like Harry Styles. What happens when Harry meets Megan's older sister Jamie. Will his big mistake ruin their friendship or will he find a way to make it up to her? Read to find out!


13. Louis.

       When I hit the main road near my house I got a call. It was Louis. I almost didn't pick up, but I figured I owed them all an explanation as to why Harry and I had not returned. "Where the fuck are you two?" Louis screamed from the other end. Id usually respond with 'hello to you too' but I wasn't in the mood to pretend I was anything but miserable. "Louis?" I croaked. There was a slight pause before he responded. "Whats wrong, love?" He asked with a much kinder and softer voice. "Do you remember the conversation we had this morning?" I replied. He answered with a yes. "Well, you were wrong. About him never forgetting me for my sister. You were wrong." There was another pause before he spoke. "What happened?" I couldn't say it, so I just started crying harder. There was a rustling, jingling sound on the other end. "Where are you? I'm going to come pick you up."  He asked determinedly. "Louis, you don't need to do that." I replied. "Well I'm going to so there, now where are you." I thought for a moment, but it was clear he wasn't going to give up so I told him. 

       A few minutes later he pulled up and opened the door for me to get in. "Now, what exactly happened?" He asked delicately as he pulled out into the road.  "He kissed her. Or she kissed him. Either way they kissed each other." And then I told hime everything. The morning Harry met her, the flirty conversation he had the second time, even the fact that I liked Harry. Telling him that surprised me, but he just seemed happy by that fact. He didn't say anything though. He just reached out his hand and grabbed mine. It was such a small kindness, but it calmed me down to the point where I wasn't crying anymore. "Where do you want to go?" He eventually asked. "What do you mean?" I asked confused. "Well you can't go home, your sister is there, and you can't go to the hotel cause thats where Harry will go. So where do you want to go. Just you and me. We have to go somewhere where you'll feel better. "I don't know." I said. my brain was full. He thought for a minute. "I've got it!" He exclaimed. "What?" I asked. He didn't say anything. He just smiled mischievously.

       We drove for a while with me still not knowing where we were going. Finally, he pulled into a parking lot with a sign that said 'Laser Tag'. I couldn't help but smile. How this boy knew me so well I just didn't know. I guess other then Harry he was my best friend. "How do you always know." I asked him. "Just because you tell Harry all your emotional stuff, doesn't mean I don't know you." He replied. He was right. I told Harry everything.. About my family, But Louis was the one who knew all of my interests and pastimes. Harry was the one I went to, to let everything out, and Louis was the one I went to when I needed to take my mind off things and just have fun. We played for hours, Having a great time. It actually made me forget all the pain of the rest of the day. Eventually though, he took me home. I entered the house smiling, but my smile emediately disappeared when I saw my sister Jamie crying, and for the first time in a long time I knew the exact reason she was crying.

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