Crazy, Stupid, Styles.

Megan Watson is an artsy teen with a difficult family, and some famous friends, like Harry Styles. What happens when Harry meets Megan's older sister Jamie. Will his big mistake ruin their friendship or will he find a way to make it up to her? Read to find out!


5. Back to where we started

        I knew exactly where the boys were staying two blocks before we actually got to the hotel because of the huge mob of fans that had crowded outside of it. "Wow" I whispered to myself. "I know. Thank god our hotel room has sound proof walls or we'd never sleep! I wish they wouldn't stay out all night though. That could be very dangerous." Its actually kind of adorable how much Harry cares for his fans. Wait, adorable? What was that? I dont say that about my friends.

        When we walked into the room i was surprised to see, well, no one. not a sound or movement anywhere. "Um Harry-" "Niall and Louis went to get snacks for today, and Zayn and Liam went to rent some movies." Harry cut me off knowing what i was gonna ask. "Oh." I said plopping down on the couch "You should have told me or I would have brought a book or something!" I said childishly. "You read to much! What you need is some good TV. Like regular kids." He said as he sat down and laid his head on my lap looking up at me. I giggled and started to play with his hair. these are the times I love. Harry and I all alone just sitting there. No talking or anything. Just there. Then I thought of something and got up pushing Harry's head off of my lap. "Hey! You took away my pillow" He grumbled sitting up. "Give me a second Mr. Grumpy pants, Ill be right back." I replied as I dug through my backpack. Ah there it is. My camera. I walked back to the couch and sat down, Harry happily snuggling back onto my lap. I turned my camera on and lined it up so it was a perfect view of Harry laying down. "Harry just turn your face a little." Hey where back to where we started! I knew id get there eventually. Remember? That was the very first sentence at the beginning of this story? You'd almost forgotten about it, huh? well, since you already know this conversation Ill skip ahead a little bit. Oh, um, blah bah blah please Harry blah blah fine he said. Ah there we are.

        *snap* "Perfect" I said examining the picture. I showed Harry and he smiled. At that moment Zayn and Liam walked through the door. They were carrying a bag of movies and- "Coffee!" I yelled excitedly. "Yes, coffee and movies" Liam laughed. "A caramel latte for the queen of coffee. Your majesty." Zayn said handing one of the cups. "Why thank you good sir. Your actions are much appreciated." I replied, playing along. That was when Louis and Niall walked in. "Yay food!" I cheered. "See, this is why we are such good friends Megan." Niall said setting the grocery bags down on the coffee table. We all laughed then Harry said "Well since the gangs all here can we watch some movies??" Suddenly a thought popped into my head. "Wait!" I said holding up my hands. Everyone looked at me, confused. We should invite Ashton, Calum, Luke and Michael." I stated. "Way ahead of you Megan" Niall said looking at his phone. "Just sent Luke a text telling them to come watch movies with us." 

        Within the next 15 minutes all ten of us were snuggled up in the living room area of the boys hotel room drinking coffee, eating cookies, and watching the avengers. I was cuddled up with Harry on one side and Michael on the other. "Megan, Harry, Michael, smile." Ashton (who was sitting right in front of us) said holding up my camera. Micheal and Harry both turned and kissed me on either cheek, while I scrunched up my face. Ashton snapped the picture and laughed. Then he put the camera down and turned back to the movie as did we. 

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