Crazy, Stupid, Styles.

Megan Watson is an artsy teen with a difficult family, and some famous friends, like Harry Styles. What happens when Harry meets Megan's older sister Jamie. Will his big mistake ruin their friendship or will he find a way to make it up to her? Read to find out!


10. Authors note again (sorry)

                Hey guys!  I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything recently. Honestly I had a lot going on and I kinda... Forgot. I'm sorry! That's not the only reason though.  I guess I got a little discouraged. I read back through my story and it wasn't as good as I originally though. In my mind it kind of sucked. So I stopped writing it for a while. Then I saw a video that my favorite author (Maureen Johnson) which was called dare to suck. It was all about how, at my age I'm gonna suck for a while before I get good. And that's what you all are here for. Your here to read my sucky writing. Feel free to hate it. I wouldn't blame you, but please before you go. Tell me what I could do better. As long as it's not just "you suck" please tell me what you think, even if it means you telling me what problems you have with my story and how I could change it. Thanks again guys for everything! I'll post as soon as I can. Have a great Sunday!!!!!

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