Why? -A Niall Horan fanfic

I took the cut 2 inches deep...
"Brianna why did you do it?"


2. A/N

Hey guys it's Brianna here! So are you guys excited about the next part?! Hope so. Anyways check out my new stories! They are My suicide life and She's Changed! Be sure to leave a like and comment on all my stories because it will mean a lot!

In this story there will be a contest for who is my best friend

Liam's GF

My sister

My brother

And Niall's Sister who will be my other best friend along with the lads'!

I didn't put down Zayn and Louis because I think Perrie and Eleanor are right for each other! Even though I ship Larry too!

Comment down below who you want to be by putting down your personality. I am choosing the characters by personality for a change!

Bye my Food Lovers!


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