New school New bully

Hi my name is lori I am 16 I'm moving to London it my first day of school in London I get bullied a lot what happeneds when Niall Horan her bully starts having felling for her will he ask her out or will he not


4. the XFACTOR

After a few months of dating Niall he has turned really nice to me

He asked me to sing to him and I said only if you do

"Ok" said Niall

He started to sing "just the way you are by brono mars " after he finished singing I told him to tryout for the XFACTOR he screamed NO it kinda fritten me and he said

"You were going to sing" he said in a funny way

I started to sing (22 by Taylor swift)

We'll we can both go on XFACTOR and he said I sing wonderfully and. So does Niall

When are the tryouts Niall said

I screamed of excitement because he said yes

I said next week so we need to train

Ok Niall

So we started singing random songs like rap god by em and Taylor swift when it was 200 in the morning we decided to go to bed and I lived with niaLl my mom still visited sometimes and I went to kats house everyday🇬🇧


I went to kats in my pjs we were going to have a girly day so me and Kat went to Nialls to get ready after we got ready we wrent to the mall Niall gave me some money and decided to come with us so it was a girly boy day 🇬🇧



me and Niall where about to go on I walked on stage and I started to sing ( Grenade by brono )

After I sang I got 3 yeses and moved on it was Nialls turn and he sang (man in the mirror )

He got 3yeses and ran off stage and ran to hug me.......???????!!!!!!!!!🇬🇧🇮🇹🇬🇧🇮🇹🇬🇧🇮🇹🇬🇧🇮🇹

Hey so what so you think of my first novel

Harry taken

Zayn taken

Louis single

Liam single

Niall taken

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