New school New bully

Hi my name is lori I am 16 I'm moving to London it my first day of school in London I get bullied a lot what happeneds when Niall Horan her bully starts having felling for her will he ask her out or will he not


3. the bully boyfriend

It was a week since Niall kissed me I was still confused I woke up to the same alarm MY BROTHER NOAH he still screams in my ear for me to get up and his birthday was yesterday he turned 13 he is growing up to fast he tells me he has a girl friend I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth I went to put on my high wasted shorts that where black I put a shirt and that ha YOLO on it and with white vans I ran down stars to see my best friend Kat she wore some high wasted shorts that where blue with a white shirt that said YOLO I bought each of us matching shirts

We got to school and went inside I found Niall leaning against it Kat went to her locker so she couldn't help. I walked up to my locker and Niall grabbed my waist and whispers You Look Hot Today it sent shivers down my back he lined in a kissed me then walked away I yelled WAIT Niall looked confused he walked tords me and said meet my behind the school at lunch .

It was lunch time and I went behind the school and I saw the most hottest thing ever NIALL!


I walked up to him and he said your hot to i blushed

" um lori"Niall said shyly

"Ya"I said confused

"Um would you like to go on a date"Niall said blushing.

"Ya" I said jumping into his arms and jumping on his back

He kissed me on my head he said

I'm we have school u know

I said ya I know I'll see you at what time

"8:00 deal" Niall said smiling


It was 7:30 I put on a black dress and some white high heals I heard a kick on the door and I looked outsid of my window and to see Niall I took my heals off and ran down stars and opened the door

"Ready" NI SAID

"Ya" lolo said

He took us to Nandos the best place to eat after we left nandos

" um lori will you be my girlfriend" he said nerves le

"YES"I said excited




Liam's girlfriend (single).

Louis's girlfriend(single)

Nialls girlfriend (taken by me)

Hey please an me

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