New school New bully

Hi my name is lori I am 16 I'm moving to London it my first day of school in London I get bullied a lot what happeneds when Niall Horan her bully starts having felling for her will he ask her out or will he not


1. New School

I woke up to here my little brother Noah telling me to wake up. I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and flatten my hair. after I flatten my hair I put on some high wasted shorts with a shirt that says swag and my vans. I walk down stars and to smell pancakes the most wonderful smell in the world I have fifteen minuets to get to school so i hurry up and eat an say love you to my brother and my mom I walked out side to go to school there was someone walking he had brown hair and blue eyes and so I walked over to where he was.

"Hey"I said with excitement

" hey my name is Louis"said louis

"So where are you going well I mean my names lori and nice to meet you"I said trying not to be weird because he look cute but we just met and it would be weird to ask someone out if you just met.

"I'm going to school and did you just move here because I have never seen you around herd before"?

"Ya I moved here from America"

"Cool"Louis said

We'll we finally arrive at school and people were whispering I walked to the office and asked the principle and told her that I was new she said ok what is your name "lori" I said she handed me my schedule and led me to my locker and I put in my combination to my locker and put my stuff in it but as soon as I put my stuff in my locker the locker shut and a boy with Blond hair was laughing at me and he took the stuff that was in my hand and slammed it on the ground and Louis saw. So he came over and helped me pick my stuff up he asked me if I had Drama and I actually did so he led me to my first class and t took a seat between the boy with blond hair and Louis the class started and I went on with my day and I fount out the that boy with Blond hair name was NIALL.


I thought lori was perfect she has a perfect smile and cute eyes and she is so out going and mane one-day I will get to ask her out and that day will come.

Hey my ppl really short chapter sorry I hope you like this story

I need girlfriends

Harry's girl. (. ).

Nialls girl(. )

Zayns girl (. ).

Liam's girl. (. )

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