Shoot to Score

Brady is an average kid. He gets B's in school and hangs out with friends. However, Brady has never found something he really enjoys. One day his life is drastically changed when he gets to meet a famous man. Gordy Howe. Brady finds out that when you try things new, it actually can be fun.


4. The Game

Tommy was so excited for the game. All during lunch he jabbered away about it. Brady was slightly curious about the game, but nothing like what Tommy was feeling.

Aunt Sal laughed at Tommy." Oh, Tommy. You have been to so many hockey games, but you always act like you have never been to one."

" But Mom," he protested," We get to see Gordie Howe play! He is so amazing! Plus seeing him in person is even more amazing than on TV." He gulped down the rest of his lunch. " Lets go Brady we wanna see warmups."

Brady shoveled the rest of his food into his mouth and stood up. " I'm ready." 

" Brady, don't you want any autographs?" Tommy asked.

"Uh, I guess so." 

" Good heres paper and a pen, so lets go!"

The two boys ran down the street to the pond. There they met the four other boys. All the boys ran past the pond up a hill and down to the RedWings stadium.

Brady gaped in awe at the amount of people waiting to get in. " Is it always like this?'

" Yeah," said John," But there is a reason! Gordie Howe is playing! He is amazing, he is strong and fast, and really good."

The boys got in line to get in. Twenty minutes later they were in. Brady stared at the people. There were even more people than he imagined. 

" Hurry up!" yelled Tommy," Warmups are about to start!"

The boys ran down the hall and turned into narrow entry way. The entry way led out into the arena. The place was almost packed. Everyone was staring with anxiety at the RedWings bench. 

" Good," said Tommy with relief," Were not late. We are in fact, a minute early."

A minute later a huge cheer rose up from the crowd. He's here, he is really here, thought Brady. He must be really amazing for this reception. He squinted down at the ice, trying to tell which one was the man of the hour. He finally realized it was number 9 as he kept raising his stick to salute the crowd. 

The game started. Brady watched as the players skillfully passed and skated around the ice. He watched as the RedWings stole the puck from the Flyers, and started toward the other net.

" With a quick pass to to his right wing, another pass to Gordie, Gordie shoots, he scores! Gordie Howe has just scored the first goal of the game!" yelled the commentator." To put the RedWings ahead, 1 to nothing."

"Wahoo!" cheered Tommy,Brady, the boys, and the crowd.

Brady smiled to himself. This was fun he thought. He was glad he came.Just then Tommy yelled something to him, but the crowd noise drowned him out.

" I said are you enjoying this?" Tommy yelled over the crowd noise.

"Definitely Tommy. Thank you for inviting me." 

" After the game we are going to try to get autographs. Especially Gordie's. We try to get one every game we go to, 'cause one day were gonna make big bucks off of them."

The game continued with no else scoring in the first period. The boys left there seats at intermission, to grab some hot dogs. By the time they got back, the second period was just starting. 

To the boys dismay, the Flyers scored a goal right away, to tie the game.

"Aw man!" Tommy yelled." That should have been a save, not a goal."

"Come on, get it back!" John hollered to the RedWings." You can do it."

The RedWings got it back with another goal in the last 30 seconds of the game. Brady found himself enjoying the game much more than he thought he would. 

The second the game ended, Tommy said," Come on fellows. If we want to get autographs we better scramble."




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