Shoot to Score

Brady is an average kid. He gets B's in school and hangs out with friends. However, Brady has never found something he really enjoys. One day his life is drastically changed when he gets to meet a famous man. Gordy Howe. Brady finds out that when you try things new, it actually can be fun.


1. Preperations


Brady sighed as he looked out the window by his desk. School seemed to be taking forever. He looked back at the clock and sighed again. Five minutes. Five long minutes till vacation.

When the bell finally rang, Brady, gathered up his books and dashed for the door, only to be stopped by his friend Greg. 

"Hey Brady", Greg called, "Some of us are going to get an ice cream cone. Wanna come."

Tempting. Brady loved ice cream, but he also wanted to pack and get ready for his trip to his aunt's house. Plus his mother had ordered him to come straight home. Finally, his desire to pack won out.

"Nah, I am leaving tomorrow for Detroit, and, well, my mom says I gotta pack, so see you after break."

"Ok, whatever", Greg called over his shoulder, as he walked down the hallway.

Brady stared after him for a second, and than turned and ran down the hall, ignoring the teachers who yelled for him to stop. Brady arrived panting at his front door. His mother laughed at him.

" I see your excited to go to your Aunt Sals."

"Yup." He heaved out.

She smiled and told him to get packing.

Two hours later, Brady stared at the still empty suitcase. His mom came in the room and frowned.

"Brady, it's time for dinner, and you have barely started."

"I know, I know." Brady sighed. " But I have no clue what to pack. Why I don't even know what weather is like outside of Florida." 

" That's our fault, Brady. We should have let you experience the country more. That's part of the reason we want you to go to your aunts."

" And the other reason?"

" Uh, well your dad and I want you to, uh get outside your comfort zone, and to discover new things. Plus Aunt Sal wants you to come and play with Tommy, so you can get to know each other. In fact, you have never even seen each other, so this will be a great time to get to know each other ."

Brady just stared at his suitcase.

" Brady look at me."

Slowly, Brady turned, knowing that with the soft tone his mother was using he better turn. He stared at his mothers feet, pretending that they were interesting.

" Brady, your dad and I love you, we want you to be able to experience the world. That's why your going away. It's only for two weeks, and then you can come home, and to your friends."

The next day Brady sat in a Condor 787, and stared out at his parents longingly. Why were they doing this to him? Couldn't they see he would rather stay here, where he was comfortable? Where he wasn't a stranger. As the plane gathered up speed, Brady, forced himself to look away from the window. There is no turning back now he thought, and with that thought he turned to his video games. Determined to get his parents out of his mind.

After a flight filled with bumps, Brady was glad when they landed. He quickly disembarked and started for the baggage claim.



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