Shoot to Score

Brady is an average kid. He gets B's in school and hangs out with friends. However, Brady has never found something he really enjoys. One day his life is drastically changed when he gets to meet a famous man. Gordy Howe. Brady finds out that when you try things new, it actually can be fun.


3. Hockey

The next day Brady woke up feeling refreshed. He was ready for anything. Anything but what Tommy said at breakfast.

" Hey Brady, wanna play hockey? Me and my friends…"

"Friends and I, Tommy." His mother said.

"Whatever. Friends and I are going to play hockey on the pond down the street. Wanna come?"

"Uh, what's hockey?"

" What's hockey!!!! Seriously?"

"I'm from Florida, Tommy. It's 80 degrees every day, and I go the beach every day. Do you think I even know what hockey is? I haven't even seen snow before today!"

" Sorry Brady, but everyone here plays hockey, so I kinda assumed you knew what it is. Hockey is an amazing sport. Hey, wanna come with me and, I mean my friends and I to the Red Wings game tonight? The most famous hockey players gonna be there. Come on, it will be fun."

"I guess so. Uh, and I will come to the pond to, so I get an idea of what it is."

" Alright!!!" Tommy yelled. " I have extra equipment, so you can play."

The two boys ate breakfast, and ran out the door, toting sticks and skates. When they arrived at the pond there were four other boys skating.

"Hey ya guys." Tommy yelled, " This is my cousin, Brady, and he gonna even out teams."

"Has he ever played?" yelled a boy, Who Tommy told Brady was Greg. 

" Nope," said Tommy, " But look at him. He totally has the build, and he looks fast."

"I guess" said another boy called John, " But he is on your team, ok?" 

" Whatever, John, but lets play. We only got till lunch."

The boys quickly divided up teams. It was Tommy, Brady, and Greg versus John, Duncan, and Sam. Then they all grabbed there sticks and started skating.

" So Brady," Tommy said, " You play forward with me, Greg is D. All you have to do is try to pass, to try to get an opportunity to shoot in the goal, which is the cones. When they get the puck come back to try and steal the puck. Got it?"

"I guess. I will try my best."

" Ok lets play!" Tommy yelled. He dropped the puck and started skating up the ice with it. John went to try to steal the puck from Tommy. With a skillful move, Tommy passed the puck back to Greg. Greg skated to the goal and shot but missed. 

Sam skated after the puck, and passed it to Duncan. Duncan, Sam,  and John passed for awhile. Than John suddenly shot the puck.

" Alright goal!" He shouted with a resounding cry. He and his teammates high fived each other. 

" Will get it back," Tommy said. 

With those words Tommy took of down the ice with the puck. When John tried to steal it, he wheeled around and passed it to a very surprised Brady.

Brady saw the puck coming to him him and was filled with horror. He could barely skate, so how on earth was he suppose to stop the puck? With a pounding heart he stuck his stick down. The puck hit his stick with a resounding crack.

" Now shoot!" yelled Tommy.

Brady took a deep breath and swung his stick. He hit the puck hard, and it left a tingly feeling in his hands. The puck sailed to the goal, and went in!

A proud feeling surged up in Brady. He had done it, really done it! Tommy and Greg skated over and slapped him on the back.

The game continued for another two hours, and then every one was hungry so they stopped.

" Don't forget," Tommy yelled to his friends, " That were going to the hockey game tonight."

" We won't." they coursed.

Brady and Tommy set of for Aunt Sal's house, tired, cold, hungry, but happy.


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