Shoot to Score

Brady is an average kid. He gets B's in school and hangs out with friends. However, Brady has never found something he really enjoys. One day his life is drastically changed when he gets to meet a famous man. Gordy Howe. Brady finds out that when you try things new, it actually can be fun.


2. Aunt Sal's House

Brady was nervous. How could he reckonize his aunt if he never met her. Grabbing his bag off the baggage claim, Brady scanned the waiting area. Relief filled him, as he saw a sign with his name on it.

"Brady!" Yelled the person with the sign. " You're finally here, and well, yeah." 

Brady stared at what he thought was his aunt.  Wow, he thought to himself, she is acting like a kid. Woah.

"Brady, I'm your Aunt Sal, and I have been waiting to see you for days. You know it's really a shame your parents don't travel more with you. Anyway, Tommy wanted to meet you, but he had hockey practice. He will be at home when we get there. He is so excited to see you, why he even wanted to miss practice to come see you, but I told him of corse you would understand if he din't come." and she started telling him every thing, but Brady kinda tuned her out.

" Uh, Aunt Sal," he said eventually."We should probably head toward the car, and you can tell me more as we walk."

"Of corse. Sorry Brady, but I haven't seen you sense you were born, and I'm excited. You know you look just like your dad in the mouth and nose, and just like your mom in the eyes." She rabbled on, but to Brady's relief she was walking in the direction of the car.

" Oh," Brady breathed in as they walked out side. The air was freezing. His breath billowed in big clouds, and his hands were frozen in seconds.

Aunt Sal laughed at Brady. " This is not even cold. Why tomorrow it is suppose to be - 10 degrees as a high." Another laugh at his surprised expression. " Brady, this is Michigan, Michigan is cold in the winter. You will get used to it in a couple of days. Why I bet when you get home it will seem very hot, as you will be use to our temperature. Brady just walked faster, hoping to get to a warm car very fast.

" Brady, stop."


"This is my truck right here. You just walked by it."

"Oh, sorry." Brady said sheepishly. He took a good look at the car, or rather a truck. It was an old Ford truck and was green. 

" His aunt patted the door and said, " This old truck has got me everywhere, even up mountains in blizzards. It's only my winter car though. My summer car, a little Lexius, has to retire for the winter, as it can't drive in snow and…"

"Aunt Sal, would you please mind unlocking the door? I am kinda cold." 

"Oh my! Brady, you should have said something sooner. Come to think about it I am kind cold too, so hop on in and lets go meet your cousin."

The trucks heat made Brady drowsy. Before they even reached the highway his head was nodding. He was almost asleep when he noticed it was starting to snow gently. By the time they pulled on to the highway it was a full on blizzard.

" Sorry Brady," his aunt said," But with this weather the drive will be twenty minutes instead of five." Seeing another yawn form Brady she added," When we get home you can have dinner and go straight to bed, so you will be ready for all Tommy has in store for tomorrow.

They soon turned onto a quite, snow lined street. 

" Brady wake up," his aunt called," We are here."

"Huh?" Brady sat up, and sleepily pushed hair out of his face.

" I said were here."

Brady glanced out the window and saw a large clapboard house that looked warm and inviting. Warm lamplight spilled from all the windows.

His aunt jumped out of the car and said " Brady grab your bag quick, 'cause I'm starving and I want to eat sooner than later. Brady grabbed his bag and followed his aunt as quickly as he could toward her house.

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