Harry's Little Sister


3. Movie Night

Mya p.o.v

Today, me and Harry are having a movie night with our friends. The door bell rang. "I'LL GET IT!" I said. When I opened the door Perrie and Eleanor was there. "Who are you?" Perrie asked. "I'm Mya Harry's little sister!" I said. "Oh well then nice to meet you I'm Perrie and this is Eleanor." Perrie said. "Your Louis and Zayn's girlfriends right?" I said. "Yep." They both said. "LOUIS ZAYN YOUR GIRLFRIENDS ARE HERE!!!" I screamed. "Coming!" They screamed back. Then Zayn ran down the stairs first. Perrie and Zayn kissed. Then Louis came downstairs and then Louis kissed Eleanor. "Who's ready for the movie!" Harry screamed. "I know I am!" I screamed back. Then I picked the movie. I decided to pick Titanic. Then the movie was starting. Louis sat next to Eleanor, Zayn sat next to Perrie, and Liam,Harry,Niall was sitting next to me. I stood up and went to go get popcorn. Then Niall followed me to the kitchen.

Niall p.o.v

Now it's time to make my move. "I'm going to get the soda!" I screamed and then went to the kitchen. I saw Mya doing the popcorn. I smirked. "What." Mya said. "Nothing." I said. Then it got quiet. Me and Mya just stared at each other. Then we randomly started laughing. Mya accidentally fall on top of me. Then we both stopped laughing and looked in each other eyes. "You have nice eyes." Mya said. "Thanks." I said. "Oh my god I am so sorry I....." Mya said. "No no. It's ok." I said cutting her off. Then Mya got the soda and then lefted smiling.

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