Harry's Little Sister


4. Movie Night Part 2

Mya p.o.v

When I got back from the kitchen. The movie was starting. I just kept remembering how I fell on top of Niall. I was so embarrassed. Now the movie is at the middle part I was about to fall asleep on Niall's chest. Then I woke up again. Now it's when the boat was sinking. All of the girls were crying. I started to cry on Niall. "Don't worry Mya it's ok it's ok." Niall said. Then Niall started tickling me then I started laugh so hard everyone just stared at me. "What." I said. "Your just like Harry." Liam said. "Hey!" Harry said. I started to laugh again. When to movie ended I went right to sleep on Niall's chest.

Niall p.o.v

Mya looked so cute when she was sleeping. I took her upstairs to bed. Then I laid her down. "Wait, Niall stay with me.Please?" Mya said. "Alright." I said then I slept with her. She cuddled up to me. This is weird but I felt really good sleeping with her. She moved alittle but I was dealing with it.

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