Harry's Little Sister


2. Mansion

Mya p.o.v

When I looked out the window I saw this huge mansion. "This is your house!" I said. "Yeah you like?" Harry said. "I don't like.....I love!" I said. Harry started to laugh. When I got out of the car I took my bags and went inside. When I got inside I went right upstairs to my room. Then I realized that I didn't know where my room was. "Wait Harry where's my room?" I said. Harry just laughed. "Upstairs to the right!" Harry said. When I got upstairs I dropped my bags and went inside my room. All of my stuff was there already. There was 2 walk in closets one for my clothes and on for my shoes. When I turned my head I saw an other door. When I opened it there was different kinds of Instruments. There was even my own bathroom. When I went downstairs the boys was there. "Mya this is Niall,Liam,Louis,and Zayn." Harry said."Hi my names is Mya and nice to meet you!" I said.

Niall p.o.v

She was the most prettiest girl I ever saw. Plus I like girls that are brunettes. When Harry introduced me to Mya me and her eyes got locked. "Hi." I said. "Hi." Mya said. Mya started to laugh because i started to drool. "If she doesn't talk to you that much that means she's shy alright?" Harry said. "Alright." Me, Louis,Liam, and Zayn said. Mya's head was down. I smirked

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