Harry's Little Sister


5. Beach Day

Mya p.o.v

On the next day I found myself sleeping on Niall's chest. I was really hungry though. So I slowly removed his arms around me and took some clothes and took a shower. When I came out I say Niall looking for me. "MYA MYA MYA WHERE ARE YOU!!" Niall screamed. "I'M HERE DON'T WORRY!" I screamed. Once again he was drooling at me. "Niall, ummm.. your drooling." I said. "I'm I'm sorry, it's just that you look so pretty today." Niall said. "Thanks,I don't know about you but I'm hungry." I said. I ran downstairs and sat down. "HARRY HARRY I'M HUNGRY COOK SOME FOOD!!" I screamed. "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT I BE THERE IN A MIN!!" Harry screamed back. When he finally came down,he cooked some food . "I smell pancakes!" Me and Niall said. He both ran. We were both fight who gets the pancakes first. "I want it first." I said "No I want it first." Niall said. "Fine you get it first." Niall said. "Yea thanks Niall your the best!" I said giving him a hug. Niall looks so cute and I've been waiting for him to ask me out. I think he likes me too.

Niall p.o.v

I GOT A HUG FROM MYA YES!!! I keep practicing to ask her out. But I'm afraid she's going to say no. Mya is just like me! She likes to eat and she likes to makes people laugh just like me. We're going to be a perfect couple. "So what are u doing." I said. "Umm.. eat pancakes." Mya said. "Oh yea I forgot." I said. She started to laugh then I started to laugh. When she was done she went to the living room. "IM BORED!!" Mya said. "Do you want to go to the beach?" Harry said. "WELL DUH!" Mya said. Me and Harry started to laugh. "Let me just go call the boys and the girls." I said. "WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE BEACH!!" I said. "I DO!!" The boys and the girls said. "Let me just go put my bathing suit on." Mya said

Mya p.o.v

I went upstairs and went to go get a bathing suit. I found a bikini that is blue and then I got ripped shorts and then a see through shirt. When I went downstairs everyone was ready. "I'm ready!" I said. I got sandals and went right to the car. Harry had a small car so I had to see on Niall's lap. He was tickling me the whole ride. "NIALL STOP THAT TICKLES!!" I screamed. Me and Niall laughed so hard everyone just stared at us. "You guys will make a great couple." Harry said. Me and Niall blushed. When we finally got out of the car and I went right to the water. "Do one if you guys have a surf board I can borrow?" I asked. "I have one." Niall said. "You surf?" Niall asked. "Yep." I said. When Niall gave me his surf board I took off my shirt and my shorts and sandals and went to the water. I caught a wave! When I was done I went out of the water. "Wow that was great." Niall said. "Thanks." I said. "Do you want to go to the water with me?" I asked. "Sure!" Niall said. Me and Niall went to the water and started to play. Today was a fun day.

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