Don't Tell

A story about the love for dance and the passion for music but no one really knows her until they collide on a stage.
Read to find out if it works or someone goes home broken.


10. Scared

****Harry's p.o.v****

3 days left and i still haven't told her yet she's been busy and i don't want to stress her even more she has a recital type thing actually it's a benefit to raise money for a better auditorium. She's been coming home late ad tired i just want to cause her to go into depression before a show. It makes me sick thinking im gonna have to tell her soon because the day i leave her benefit is going on so i don't know what to do. I ended up calling one of the boys for help they gave me ideas but they would make her hate me i don't want that i decided on telling her after her show considering my flight doesn't leave till 10:00. I thought it over on how i was going to tell her once she is done preforming and make fast and painless or at least try to but I'm still scared I don't want to loose the only good thing in my life.





Sorry this chapter is short.

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