Don't Tell

A story about the love for dance and the passion for music but no one really knows her until they collide on a stage.
Read to find out if it works or someone goes home broken.


5. Reuniting

****Jasmine's p.o.v*****

Once i told them everything i thought of Kylie poor girl stuck with idiots back home. So i thought i should call her on the second ring she picked up she gasped and asked if was really me i laughed and said yea it is. I told her that me and Bella had a proposal for her she asked what it is i told she needs to start packing she asked why Bella started screaming you are coming to London. She sounded like she was sad then she said i don't have any money to go. Me and Bella smiled at each other and yelled we have money and that we were going to book her flight for her. I looked at the clock and sighed i told everyone i had to go as i was walking out Harry grabbed my hand and when he let go there was a paper in my hand with his number on it i smiled to myself and rushed out the door to school.

****Kylie's p.o.v*****

I just got a call from Jasmine and Bella i was confused i knew Bella was there but i didn't know Jasmine was there. I brushed it off and stared packing when i got a text from Bella telling me my fight was at 5:00. So i had to rush a bit because it was in 2 hours. While i was packing my mind wondered to the subject of me, jasmine, and Bella it has been 6 years since we last talked to each other. I was excited i get to see them again.

****Bella's p.o.v*****

Once Jasmine left i seen 4 confused faces and one looking down with red cheeks. I laughed at him and Louis asked looked at him then at me and asked who Kylie was. I really wanted to head to my apartment but i told them who she was. I pulled out the picture and pointed to the girl on the left. I watched as Louis looked at the photo he started blushed i poked his cheek and said bye to the boys and walked out.

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