Don't Tell

A story about the love for dance and the passion for music but no one really knows her until they collide on a stage.
Read to find out if it works or someone goes home broken.


4. Questions

****Bella's p.o.v*****

I felt someone shake I jumped up and a flight attendant told that they landed I grabbed my stuff and walked off the plane. I looked around and smiled I started walking for the exit I instantly found my car and drove to Doncaster. I was hungry so I went and grabbed something from Starbucks. I walked in and ordered and took a seat near the window waiting on my food. I pulled out the picture of me, Kylie, and jasmine I turned it over but there was no date on the back. I thought back to the day we took that picture our last days as seniors.

****Liam's p.o.v*****

We decided to take a trip to the school again when I saw a beautiful girl through the window she was looking at a picture I glanced down at the picture and it looked like her and some friends then I noticed the girl from the auditorium. I quickly tapped Harry's shoulder getting his attention and I pointed to the picture in her hands. He asked what was he looking at I told him doesn't the girl on the right look like the girl in the auditorium. His eyes got wide and insisted we talk to her and find more about this Jasmine character.

****Bella's p.o.v *****

As I was walking back to my table I come face to face with a pair of brown eyes. I took a step back and my eyes grew wide as I realized one direction was standing in front of me. They let me get back to my table before explaining why they were here talking to me. Once they told why they were here I looked at them weird and showed them the picture and all of their eyes were wide. Harry said that was definitely the girl we saw. I was confused I asked then what they were talking about and they told they ran into the girl on the right and did I know anything about her. While I was trying to tell them everything I knew about her I get a message from Jasmine saying I heard you were in town I'm on lunch break right now I was wondering if we can have lunch and catch up until I have to get back. I replied sure and asked since when did she live here. As soon as I sent that I got a reply saying I'll tell you in a bit. I told her to meet me at Starbucks by an old nail salon. She said ok see you soon.

****Jasmine's p.o.v*****

I locked my phone and went out to my car and started driving to Starbucks. It was a little while before I got there as soon as I walked in I saw Bella and a group of boys I swear are stalking me or something I rolled  my eyes and was about to walk out when someone grabbed my I looked up and seen Harry. he started going on about how he saw Bella and thought she knew something and asked her. I nodded my head slowly then walked past him and ran up to Bella and gave her a big bear hug screaming Bells I missed you so much. She laughed and hugged back we sat down and started talking she landed on the subject of how I got here. So I took a deep breath and attempted to tell her everything.





Hahaha cliffhangers sorry guys I promise ill update tomorrow!!

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