Don't Tell

A story about the love for dance and the passion for music but no one really knows her until they collide on a stage.
Read to find out if it works or someone goes home broken.


7. MIssing phone

****Harry's p.o.v****

 I woke up and decided to get the boys breakfast because they aren't up yet and take a walk. I was walking to he park when i noticed people laughing at something on someone's phone i heard music coming from the strangers phone it was probably a video. I walked over to the slide and noticed a phone on top the slide i picked it up and looked at it. I turned it on and it had a picture of a girl dancing i was trying to look for identification but had no luck it had a passcode so i turned it over it had a a name tag on it the tag said property of Jasmine Nasser i smiled reading that name. Now i have an excuse to use to see her.

****Jasmine's p.o.v*****

I woke up to someone knocking on the door i let out a very exaggerated sigh and yelled coming. I heard laughing i opened the door and was looking at that signature smirk. He said you look so cute pouty and sleepy i shot him a glare and he smiled he handed me my phone and i looked at him and asked him where did he find it he said it was on top of a slide i  sighed in relief at least it was him that found it instead of some creep. I smiled and said thanks he just stared at me smiling i was thinking about closing the door when i was like what it is Styles you are staring me like you're going to attack me he broke out of his daze and looked at his feet and blushed saying he had to go before he left i did something i didn't think through i smiled kissed him on the cheek and thanked him again. He blushed even harder while i laughed and sad bye then closed the door. Bella and Kylie were still sleeping so i jumped on the bed and they got up they groaned and rubbed their eyes i laughed and went to take a shower. When i got out they were asleep again  i made breakfast and coffee then i got an idea i grabbed 2 water bottles i opened them and stood on the edge on the bed and dumped both of the bottles on top of their heads they shot up really fast with wide eyes as i was laughing to hard to see. Once i stopped laughing i smiled at them and said smile for the camera and grabbed the camera i hid they tried to cover there faces i was laughing really hard while posting that on vine. When we finished breakfast we just decided on having a lazy day so why not invite people to sit around and do nothing all day but watch movie with us. 

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