Don't Tell

A story about the love for dance and the passion for music but no one really knows her until they collide on a stage.
Read to find out if it works or someone goes home broken.


8. Lazy Day

****Louis's p.o.v*****

I got a message from Kylie saying we are having a lazy day come over and bring the boys I replied with sure as long as you guys have food:)she replied quick with well it is at Jasmine's so of course there is food:). I just laughed and said we'll be there in a few minutes.

****Bella's p.o.v****

I was the one stuck making all the food while Kylie looked for a movie. I got a message from Liam it said I heard movie day at Jasmine's I texted him back Yea we are watching Snow White with Kristen Stewart see you soon he said you will. I laughed and brought popcorn and waters in the living room as soon as I sat down Jasmine came in with blankets and pillows right as soon as set them down there was knocking on the door and she let in and let them get comfy before we started the movie.

~1 hour later~

****Harry's p.o.v****

The movie was almost over I looked over at Jasmine she look at me and smiled I whispered to her I think fairytales come true she said I don't think all fairytales end happily  Haz. I looked her in the maybe ours can end happily. With that that said I lost it and kissed her I thought great I ruined everything until I realized she was kissing me back. We pulled apart and she blushed looking at the movie I smiled and pulled her close to where her head was on my chest . I smiled more to myself this time as they picked another movie that we all would like. We started playing Toy Story when I noticed Bella and Li the were discussing Toy Story and their favorite parts looking awfully close when I looked down I realize Jasmine was asleep on my chest I smiled and kissed her on the cheek as the rest of us finish watching Toy Story.

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