Don't Tell

A story about the love for dance and the passion for music but no one really knows her until they collide on a stage.
Read to find out if it works or someone goes home broken.


6. Girls Night

~Weeks Later~

****Kylie's p.o.v****

So it's been 2 weeks since i came here. We are now at one of Jasmine's famous sleepovers as of right now we are sitting on the counters in the kitchen eating smores made over the stove and just talking about what happened over the years. Then Bella walked out into the living room. Jasmine smiled at me and followed Bella i looked at them confused then out of no where Jasmine screams PRANK CALLS!!!. I laughed at her and sat in the circle. I asked them who first Jasmine's and Bella's face lit up and they both dove for the phone. Jasmine took it from Bella and held it over her head i laughed while Bella was jumping trying to get it. I said ok go on with the call Jasmine brought the phone down and dialed *67 and typed in a number and put it up to her ear. She smiled at Bella and said hello in her fancy British accent and who is this the person on the said this Liam who is this? Jasmine came up with a name and played if off as if she was a real estate agent i was trying so hard not to laugh when Jasmine laughed and said sorry she to go do paper work and hung up. Once she did i laughed so hard my stomach started hurting i looked at Bella and she was dying laughing while Jasmine got up and bowed and walked to the grabbed her coat and looked at us we looked at her confused and followed her out the door.

****Jasmine's p.o.v*****

I walked out of the building and turned around smirked at them and walked to the park where there was a lot of people walking past so i told them the rules of this little game. I watched their faces light and laughed as they remembered the game we used to play. I volunteered my phone to be the music player and we started dancing until people walked by and then we would pose the first one to get there picture taken would win the challenge then we would have to move around the park until no more people walked by. It was about 1 in the morning when we decided to go home and sleep. Once we got home i plopped down on the bed and laughed at what we did till midnight i won 3 challenges and Bells won 2 and Kylie won 2 like Bella. I stopped laughing and then just passed out while Bella was talking to Kylie.

****Bella's p.o.v*****

I was talking to Jasmine and Kylie when i asked Kylie if Jasmine was awake she laughed and said no maybe we can to sleep too she yawned. I rolled my eyes and said fine as i went through the apartment and turned off all the lights and once i layed down i passed out guess i was more tired than i thought i was.

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