The Dark Spells (Blood On The Dance Floor)

My name is Diana Billings, but I prefer to go by "Star". My ancestors were witches and when I turned 18, I realized I was one as well. We always met in the woods, the other witches and warlocks. Two of those warlocks were David Torres, who went by "Dahvie", and Jeremy Griffis, who went by "Jayy". The three of us were planning something big, but we didn't know when.


2. Tough Love

Even though we had already discussed our plans, Dahvie and Jayy still didn't think I was ready for something huge. They thought a little tough love would help.

They chained me to a cross and lit it on fire. I let out a shriek of pain and my eyes turned purple. "This is what your ancestors did! What are you going to do to those retched humans who did this to us?" "Kill them! Kill them all!" A demonic voice spat out from deep inside me.

They kept me in the fire for a few more minutes and Jayy threw a bucket of water on me. I thrashed my way out of the chains and lurched my way to Dahvie, trying to bite him, growls pouring from my throat. Dahvie tossed me off with ease and I fell on my back. "Make them pay for the things they did to us! To our ancestors!" Jayy yelled through the forest then let out a guttural laugh. I floated upward and I let my size 2 jeans sag on me because they were too huge. "You eat a lot of hearts, you should be as big as Dahvs." Jayy looked at me. "I have other means for the uses of hearts my dear." I looked at him and waved. "Bitter nightmares guys." I called to them and made my way back home.

I snuck back inside my apartment quietly and got in my closet. I took the big jar of blood out and made my way to Jayy's house. When Jayy got home, I would plaster their windshield with the crusty and clotted almost black mess that was in the jar.

I strolled under the moonlight and perched on the roof of Jayy's house. I only had to wait a matter of minutes before they were right on top of me. I opened the jar and the rusty smelling liquid dripped out profusely onto the windshield. "What the fuck?" Jayy looked at it as the red metallic smelling liquid spotted his white button up shirt.

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