The Dark Spells (Blood On The Dance Floor)

My name is Diana Billings, but I prefer to go by "Star". My ancestors were witches and when I turned 18, I realized I was one as well. We always met in the woods, the other witches and warlocks. Two of those warlocks were David Torres, who went by "Dahvie", and Jeremy Griffis, who went by "Jayy". The three of us were planning something big, but we didn't know when.


1. Plannning

The sun had just went down when I hopped out of my apartment window to meet Dahvie and Jayy in the woods. I walked the two miles to the woods and sat on a cliff, waiting for the two of them. When I heard their hearse coming around the bend and saw the headlights in the distance, I got my spell book out and started reading it, mesmerizing the spells.

I felt a breeze as two pairs of boots were in front of me. I looked up and smiled, "Hey Dahvs, JayyBear." I gave them each a hug. "So..can we go kill them now or..?" "Patience, all hell will break loose soon enough." Dahvie smirked lightly and Jayy laughed darkly. "So stereotypical.." Jayy looked down at the black cat at my feet. "I know, this damn thing has been following me around all night." I rolled my eyes. Dahvie hissed at the cat and it scattered into the trees.

"So Star, let's see what you can do.." Dahvie chuckled. I slammed Dahvie down into a rock so he'd sit down. "That was hot." He smirked. "Sorry JayyBear, I need a straight guy for this." He shrugged and watched against a tree. I grinded on Dahvie a little and then playfully bit his neck, going down and unbuttoning his shirt. I placed a few teasing kisses and then stopped just above the heart. "That's where I'd rip out their heart with my teeth." I smirked down at him. "Power of seduction, very good Star." Jayy praised and then took his turn, then Dahvie, Dahvie basically just chopped the tops off of a bunch of trees and said they were humans. I rolled my eyes at him and grabbed a map from my bag. "This is the map of the club. The back entrance is here.." I pointed. "Front is over there." I pointed again. "I'll block the front while you guys perform on the stage there." I pointed to the stage. "Then, right before all hell breaks loose, about thirty seconds into the song, I'll come in and seduce as many guys as I can, ripping out their filthy fat-filled hearts." "Sounds great except for the end." Jayy looked at me. "What's wrong with it?" I asked. "You need to barricade the door about three songs in, seduce the guys, bring them all in the back room, lock that door, and get as many hearts as you can. Dahvs and I will get the others." "Sounds tasty." Dahvie smirked and Jayy let out a chuckle.

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