hanging by a thread

while Marcie try her best to keep alive she was bullied by harry styles and NIall horan but her rescuer would not be the one she excpected


2. the party

As Marcie was home her brother walk in ask her if she wanted to got to a party she accepted she got dressed in a spaghetti strap dress and curled her hair she left as she walk in she saw Kayla as her friend walk over ask her if she wanted to dance they both did niall saw Marcie dancing so he walk over and dance with them but than harry comes over.



harry point of view

as I see niall dancing with Marcie I got a little jealous so I walk over and talk to niall if he could ask Marcie back out for me  but when I ask Austin walks over and starts dancing with Marcie so I walk off with niall he looks at me and says what your problem lad I say I still have feelings for Marcie niall tells me tomorrow try out for football and cheerleading and Marcie trying out.niall walks off


Marcie point of view


niall walks back I ask what harry wanted niall says he still has feelings for you

I shrug my shoulders and star to dance with Austin again than the party was over so I went home invited Austin kayla and niall over my mom looks at me than at Austin  and my mom says you must be Austin he shake her hand and and says yes I walk into my room and fall asleep



the next morning I wake up see Austin asleep on my floor I check my phone on twitter seen that I have 8 new followers and see one of them are Austin I wake him up and go down stairs

than sit down to eat I go over to his house and meet his mom she seemed nice than I left and Austin told me he liked me I told him I like him too I also said I have cheerleading tryouts tomorrow. 



A/N  sorry if it short but stay beautiful like comment and be who you want to be not who your friends want you too be :)

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