hanging by a thread

while Marcie try her best to keep alive she was bullied by harry styles and NIall horan but her rescuer would not be the one she excpected


1. first day :)


As Marcie was getting up for her first day all she heard was yelling so she got dress in a crop top with skinny jeans she did her hair in a wavy she applied a little make up and got her bag and left for school as she arrived a girl came up to her and her name was Kayla



Kayla point of view


well I saw this new girl walking up I decided to say hi when I got to her she acted shy so I decided to take her to the office they got her secudule it was exactly like mine so I showed her the class but when lunch came that when everything started up


as the girls sat down two boys walked up and ask Marcie what her name was as she spoke she said Marcie why do u want to know they look over and said we like sassy girls come sit with us Marcie walks over and sits down they eat lunch and leave


harry point of view


she was beautiful I had to get her with me and niall but there was a new boy that just arrive and he look right are way when we got to class me niall and Marcie were talking then the new boy came in Marcie started to talk to him  so I step in a said Marcie can we talk and she said sure she llok back at him and waved


as we reach the hallway Marcie gave harry a confused look harry said that don't talk to him Marcie said to harry im just trying to make friend   so harry said no me and niall are ur own frineds so she slap him went back in sat next to niall and Austin and they were talking niall did not are about harry anymore he started hanging with Marcie Austin and Kayla more.



A/N: if you could read my other fanfics and comment what you think thanks for reading

im probably gonna update this weekend :)  stay beautiful

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